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Norway and Svalbard Cruises

On Fred. Olsen's Norway Cruises you'll discover one the world’s most unspoilt areas. Where else can you see glaciers, fjords and the legendary Northern Lights all in one incredible country? Norway is very much an outdoors cruise holiday destination; an opportunity to get back to nature and witness it in its rawest state.

A must is a visit to Ålesund with its array of colourful buildings, art nouveau turrets, steeples and spires giving it a unique fairy-tale feel. Even the bigger cities such as Bergen and Oslo feel compact and friendly. Whilst in Oslo, don't forget to check out the National Gallery, home to masterpieces such as Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ and the Viking Museum.

When it comes to food, Norwegians have always turned to what they have to hand. Therefore traditional dishes comprise of game (moose, reindeer, duck and fowl), mutton and fish, in particular the famous pickled herrings. [ReadMore]

The natural beauty of Norway is impossible to overstate and a cruise holiday to this country will unveil natural treasures that will leave you speechless with a strong desire to return again and again.