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Panoramic view on the embankment from Residence bridge in the evening, Gothenburg
Panoramic view on the embankment from Residence bridge in the evening, Gothenburg
Gotherburg Gardens, Sweden

Situated on Sweden’s west coast, sociable, the laid-back seaport of Gothenburg has considerable appeal for any visitor.  Known as one of the friendliest cities in Europe, Gothenburg – Sweden’s second largest city – offers a vibrancy and fascination through its galleries, museums, boutiques, street cafes and Scandinavia’s largest and most popular amusement park, Lisberg, which has themed rides, performance venues and a landscaped sculpture garden.

With spacious streets, leafy boulevards, and 17th century Dutch-designed canals at its heart, Gothenburg is a compact, accessible city. The harbour’s stylish buildings and bustling fish market are a must-see before heading to the enthralling districts of the city centre.

Neoclassical architecture lines Gothenburg’s tram-rattled streets, and the city’s prominent trading past is emphasised by buildings like Skansen Kronan, a 17th century fortress sat proudly atop Risåsberget Hill. The city’s museums include the recently opened Museum of World Culture, the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the aeronautic Aeroseum, and, naturally, the Volvo Museum.  

The world famous Trädgårdsföreningen – the Garden Society of Gothenburg - is one of the city’s must-visit sites. It features gorgeous lawns, woodlands and stunning flower beds filled with thousands of rose species, and remains one of Europe's best-kept 19th century parks.