Relaxation & Fitness

Fitness Centre - exercise class

As soon as you board a Fred. Olsen cruise, we'll help you leave all your cares and stresses behind. On our ships, you'll find plenty of ways to unwind, switch-off and enhance your health and well-being.

Feel energised

There’s nothing quite like an invigorating walk on your ship’s open deck, particularly when you can take in the fresh sea air and soak up the stunning scenery. [ReadMoreMob]On all our traditionally-built ships there’s a promenade deck; take a few laps and you’ll have walked a mile. Or you may choose to swim some lengths in one of the pools, with a rewarding jacuzzi after. 

If you really want to get the blood pumping (and work off all those courses from dinner the night before) our Fitness Centres are equipped so you can run, row or lift weights – and it’s all complementary of course.

Across the fleet we run a variety of yoga, aerobics and Pilates classes in the Fitness Centre. These are suitable for everyone from beginners to regular gym-goers. 

Yoga Class

Pamper yourself at the Atlantis Spa

Refresh the mind and revive the body in your ship’s haven of relaxation. The soothing surroundings of the Atlantis Spa is where you can really treat yourself. [ReadMoreMob]

Open daily from 8am to 8pm, our luxurious spas offer a wide range of beauty and relaxation treatments, including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and hairdressing. Why not try a new style for your holiday? Or book a treatment so you’re all set for a formal evening or special occasion. A cruise is the perfect excuse to treat yourself.

Please see below for the list of treatments.


Atlantis Spa Treatments

Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment | 75 mins | £98 
This “manual facelift” treatment targets and tightens individual muscles and visibly lifts and tones the entire face, neck and décolleté. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed, with skin that’s visibly smoother, brighter and lifted.

Silicium Marin Super Lift Facial
| 75 min | £98
An expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features and a super-lifting mask visibly contours the face and neck, and fills deeper wrinkles after just one treatment. Your skin is left firmer, looking younger and glowing.

Hyalu-Procollagène Wrinkle Correcting Treatment
| 60 min | £84
The first four-step wrinkle by wrinkle treatment combining three hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen and features three unique roller booster tools. Skin feels plumped and even established wrinkles see visible results.

lluminating Radiance Facial | 30 min | £48
A welcome massage, cleanse and exfoliation are followed by an energising digito-pressure massage while radianceenhancing products leave the complexion fresh and glowing.

Thalgo Discovery Facial | 30 min | £48
Perfect if you’re on the go, this express facial will instantly refresh and relax your skin, thanks to an infusion of active marine ingredients which are tailored to suit your needs. 

Thalgo Eye Touch | 30 min | £32.50
The Thalgo Eye Massage Mask machine gently cleanses and massages the delicate areas around your eyes using a specific eye concentrate. The result is an instant rejuvenation of the eye contour area with puffiness and dark circles reduced, and lines or wrinkles gently smoothed. This treatment can be combined with a face or body treatment.

Fred. Olsen Signature Land & Sea Wellbeing Ritual | 75 mins | £98
Using beautifully scented oils with plant extracts from the land and calming and nourishing extracts from the sea, this unique ritual begins with a slow, gentle massage allowing for complete relaxation. Your body is then enveloped in a wrap which will deeply nourish and condition your skin, while you receive a beautifully restorative facial.

Indocéane Spa Ritual Rebalancing Ritual | 90 mins | £98
A reinvigorating spa ritual for ultimate relaxation, including an Egyptian-inspired foot bath, Mediterranean- influenced body exfoliation, Ayurvedic-inspired massage and a soothing body wrap.

Abdominal Detox | 30 mins | £32.50
A rapid detox treatment, this abdominal wrap features mineral-rich natural marine algae which help to eliminate water retention, aid digestion and exfoliate the skin. Once the seaweed wrap is removed, the treatment is completed with a relaxing massage using High Performance Firming Cream.

Aromaceane Wrap | 90 mins | £98
Treat yourself to complete relaxation with this opulent re-mineralising treatment, combining sea mud and your choice of essential oils.

3 Algae Wrap | 75 mins | £98
The original marine algae wrap to activate circulation, increase metabolism, relieve aches and pains and improve certain skin conditions, infusing its minerals, vitamins and

3 Algae Wrap Back Ritual | 45 mins | £65.50
Thalgo’s patented natural marine algae wrap is applied to deeply cleanse, detoxify and smooth problem skin. Once removed, a refreshing seawater concentrate and a sebumregulating concentrate or nourishing cream is applied.

Sweet & Savoury Body scrub | 30 mins | £43
Mediterranean inspired bi-phase scrub with sea salt, brown sugar, plant and essential oils to smooth and invigorate the body.

Swedish Massage | 60 mins | £84
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage | 30 mins | £48
This classic massage helps to reduce the strains built up in the muscles and improve your overall feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Perfect for relieving pain in the lumbar spine, shoulders and legs, our professional masseurs will adapt your treatment to suit your needs, leaving you feeling relaxed yet energised.

Hot Stones Massage | 75 mins | £98
Back Neck & Shoulder with Hot Stones | 45 mins | £58.50
Experience ultimate relaxation with this purifying, remineralising and sensual massage treatment. Using a special blend of warm volcanic basalt stones, this treatment will leave you feeling beautifully relaxed and toxin free.

Traditional Thai Massage | 75 mins | £98 or 60 mins | £79
This unique massage harmonises the energy of the body and mind by stretching and manipulating the body to release powerful healing forces which ease pain, relieve stress and correct postural alignment.

| 60 mins | £77.50
A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflex zones in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. 

Happy Legs | 45 mins | £58.50
Designed to help with lower back and leg pain. Warm, moisturising marine-infused balm is applied to feet and legs. Then you will relax in warming thermal boots. While the balm works it’s magic on your feet and legs you will also experience a lower back massage using a warm Absolute Aroma Oil. Finally, Feather Light Leg Gel is massaged into your feet and legs to help increase circulation and ease joint pains.

Foot and Ankle Massage
| 30 mins | £35.50
Let our massage therapist ease away your aches and pains by pampering your feet and ankles, utilising Swedish Massage techniques to focus on these key pressure points.

Indian Head Massage | 60 mins | £72 (Long hair £77.50)
(includes wash and blow-dry/shampoo and set)
A popular treatment based on unique techniques which focus on the upper back area, shoulders, neck and scalp. A variety of massage movements are used, catering to your individual condition. It can ease tension headaches, anxiety, stress and neck/shoulder stiffness.

Express Manicure | 30 mins | £32.50
This express manicure is great for those on the go and includes a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care and moisturising. Your nails are then finished off with the polish of your choice or buffed to a natural gloss if you prefer.

Luxury Manicure | 60 mins | £39 or including GelColor | £51.75
This luxurious manicure treatment is perfect when preparing for formal nights. The manicure includes nail shaping, an exfoliation of hands & arms that works miracles, cuticle softening and tidying, a relaxing hand and arm massage and heated mitts for deep moisturising. Finished off with nail painting or buffing, this fantastic treatment will transform your hands.

GelColor | 45 mins | £39

Full Set of Nail Extensions plus GelColor | 90 mins | £51.75

Refill and Overlays plus GelColor | 60 mins | £39

Reshape and polish | £20.25

Express Pedicure | 30 mins | £32.50
An express pedicure is perfect when you require more than a simple polish change, but don’t have the time in your busy schedule to fit in a full spa pedicure. This quick, yet thorough treatment offers an aromatic soak followed by a quick clean-up of the soles & heels, basic cuticle care, nail filing and shaping. This is then followed by a foot lotion application and then finished with the nail polish of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure | 60 mins | £46 or including GelColor | £58.50
Our luxury pedicures are suitable for both men and women and include foot scrub, foot soak, nail reshape, hard skin removal, foot and lower leg massage, heated booties and painting or buffing.

Polish Change | £13.50

Repairs per nail | 15 mins | £6.75

Gel/Acrylic Removal | £13.50

Full legs | £39

Partial legs | £20.50

Bikini line | £13.50

Underarms | £13.50

Face | £13.50

Upper lip | £13.50

Eyebrows | £13.50

Eyelash Tinting | £13.50

Eyebrow Tinting | £13.50

Hair Wash | £20.50

Shampoo & blow-dry (short hair) | £36

Shampoo & blow-dry (medium hair) | £39

Shampoo & blow-dry (long hair) | from £41.50

Shampoo & set (short hair) | £36

Shampoo & set (medium hair) | £39

Shampoo & set (long hair) | from £41.50

Wash, cut & blow-dry (short hair) | £48

Wash, cut & blow-dry (medium hair) | £50.50

Wash, cut & blow-dry (long hair) | £55

Full head of colour (blow-dry/set not included) | from £48

Highlights (blow-dry/set not included) | from £103.50

Wash, dry and up style | from £55

Hair up | £41.50

Make up application | £20.50

Ladies/Men’s dry cut | £28

Men’s wash, cut and finish style | £30

Ladies wash & cut | £36

Moisturising hair treatment with wash & blow-dry/set (includes scalp massage) | £48

Personal training | 60 mins | £46 or 30 min | £23.50

Body composition analysis | 45 mins | £32.50
Body composition analysis is a physical test that accurately measures your body fat and the amount of lean tissue you have, which includes your muscle, water, bone and organs. Accurate assessment of body composition allows you to plan sensible nutrition and exercise programmes based on your body fat and lean tissue percentage. 

Food Detective™ | 45 mins | £98
This is a blood test that measures IgG antibodies which may be linked to inflammatory conditions in the body, manifesting in a range of health issues. You don’t have to send off a sample and wait weeks to receive results, simply visit the Atlantis Spa for a Food Detective™ check instead. Simple, safe, accurate and fast. Food Detective™ is the world’s first test for food intolerance.

Nutrition consultation | 45 min | £26

Happy Feet | 45 min | £28.00
Thalgo’s famous foot soak treatment is highly effective for fluid retention and swollen ankles. Followed up by Feather Light Legs gel applications, this sumptuous treatment will ease and relax your feet in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

Complimentary Fitness Classes:
| 45 mins 
This low-impact exercise emphasises the use of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and thighs to help improve flexibility, build muscular strength and enhance movement.

Yoga | 45 mins
This class focuses on the core elements of flexibility, strength, power, and balance. You will be taken through a series of different poses to give your entire body a complete flexibility and toning workout.

Fitball | 45 mins
This core strengthening class is designed to improve your range of motion, strength, stability co-ordination and balance. Fitball provides a thorough workout which helps to develop a stronger core, correct posture and improve body alignment.

Dyna-Band | 45 mins
Resistance bands are easy to use, effective and perfect for beginners. Enabling you to focus on specific areas of your body, they are great for toning and sculpting muscles. Used correctly, they are also great for a full body workout. 

Stretch & Relax | 45 mins
This series of slow and gentle, low-intensity exercises and stretches help to maintain your balance, improve flexibility and to relax and focus your mind.

Abdominal | 30 mins
This class is designed to improve the abdominal muscles which have a crucial role in posture, supporting the spine, stability and respiratory functions such as breathing.

Exercise To Music | 30 mins
This fun class combines a variety of techniques to offer a great low-impact cardio workout, improving the strength and movement of your muscles and joints, while promoting a healthy heart.

Legs, Bums & Tums | 30 mins
Great for building and strengthening key muscles, this class includes a combination of movements to target the lower body, shaping and toning your lower body while
improving flexibility.

Indulgence Spa Package

Treat yourself, or a loved one to an Indulgent Spa Package - designed to pamper the mind and body. The Indulgence Spa packages must be booked and paid in advance of the cruise and treatments cannot be swapped.

For her | £88 (extra £5 for long hair)
Wash and blow dry
Express manicure or pedicure
Discovery Facial

For him | £88
Wash, cut & finish 
Express manicure or pedicure
Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage

Please call 0800 0355 145 or e-mail to arrange.

Spa treatments for everyone living with and recovering from cancer

Hand on Heart® Back, Face & Scalp Treatment | 90 mins | £117 or | 60 mins | £84
This nurturing and calming treatment for the head, face, back and shoulders was created to allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese movements rebalance and calm the upper body while the facial will replenish, nourish and revive the skin and ease tension. The ritual uses slow, soothing and rhythmic techniques providing complete tranquillity and deep relaxation. 100% certified organic Made for Life products nourish and protect.

Catch the Breath® Back and Head Treatment | 30 mins | £48
This nurturing gentle treatment for the head, back and shoulders was created to allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques rebalance and calm the upper body. The ritual uses slow, soothing and rhythmic techniques providing complete tranquillity and relaxation, and 100% certified organic Made for Life products.


Soothe and Nurture Facial® Face Treatment | 30 mins | £48
A beautiful way to restore natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant. 100% organic balms and oils will nourish and cleanse, eliminating congestion and returning natural balance to the skin, whilst deeply relaxing face and scalp massage calms the mind and soothes the soul.

Thermal Suite

Available on Borealis and Bolette book yourself in to our The Atlantis Thermal Suite and let time meltaway. [ReadMoreMob]

Our Thermal Suite is a relaxation centre with the ambiance of a Turkish bath. Our steam rooms are filled with aromatherapy vapours which are the perfect way to unwind and de-stress while our heated ceramic relaxation beds are designed to match the curvature of your spine and melt away muscle tension.

Our mineral bath, heated to body temperature, gently embraces you with warmth to alleviate sore joints and sooth away your aches providing wonderful relief for tired muscles. This is an excellent experience for poor circulation and perfect after a long day exploring ashore. To book please visit The Atlantis Spa once on board.

The Retreat

Day Pass Single £10pp | Couple £17

7 Days Pass Single £60pp | Couple £100

14 Days Pass: Single £100pp | Couple £120

Pamper Package | 120 mins | £85pp or £150 per Couple

60 min Swedish Massage • The Retreat access • Glass of Champagne • Canapés • Orange Juice

Total Bliss Package | 150 mins | £97pp

Wash & Blow Dry • Express Mani or Pedi • Illuminating Radiance Facial OR Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage • The Retreat access • Glass of Champagne • Canapés • Orange Juice