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Shores of Nuku Alofa, Tonga
Shores of Nuku Alofa, Tonga
Humpback whale in Tonga Waters

Comprised of over 170 beautiful islands, the archipelago of Tonga is a myriad of stunning natural wonders. Famed its breath-taking whale-watching, a cruise to Tonga will give you the chance to get up close with one of the sea’s most impressive creatures, the southern humpback whale.  [ReadMoreMob]

With crystal-clear coral reefs that provide magnificent diving and snorkelling, an abundance of pristine beaches that glisten in the pacific sun, Tonga holidays are more than a just a time to relax; they’re a unique opportunity to embrace and experience things that you couldn’t do anywhere else in the world.

The islands of Tonga remain the last monarchy in Polynesia, of which its people are said to have colonized the nation as early as the 5th century BC. Their past is something that the people of Tonga are very passionate about preserving, and at times when you’re not enjoying the gorgeous surroundings, a trip to the National Centre in the capital of Nuku‘alofa is well worth taking in order to experience cultural traditions such as cooking, dancing and tapa making. [ReadMoreDesk]

Tonga and the surrounding areas are one of the most beautiful travel locations in the world – see for yourself with one of our fantastic cruises that’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

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