Germany Cruises

Hamburg townhall and Alster river at spring
Hamburg townhall and Alster river at spring
Ancient Bremen Market Square

With over 2,000 years of history, Germany is a country that fills the soul. Dramatic scenery and rousing culture gives way to handsome metropolises and romantic palaces. It is a landscape of forests, rivers, Bavarian mountain ranges and North Sea beaches, and at its heart is the cutting-edge capital, Berlin. [ReadMoreMob]

Germany’s personality lives in its big cities. Berlin, home to dramatic history, art and a fabulous nightlife scene; the Oktoberfest of Munich and Frankfurt’s skyscrapers; the Christmas markets and canals of the ‘Venice of the North’, Hamburg; Bremen’s mix of Hanseatic splendour and hi-tech wonder; and the Gothic lure of Rostock.

From Jasmund National Park to the fairy tale castles of the Rhine, Germany has something around every turn. Its cultural spectrum is beyond comparison: imposing art museums and high-brow opera sit comfortably next to risqué cabaret and enigmatic underground clubs. [ReadMoreDesk]

Beyond the cliché of sausage and bratwurst, Germany’s modern gastronomy has moved on. Regional and seasonal food sensations include white asparagus in springtime and venison in autumn. The much underrated Riesling is just one world-class German wine that is favoured above the ubiquitous beer.