Dominican Republic

Beautiful landscape of La Romana
Beautiful landscape of La Romana

Lapped to the north by the Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic is everything a Caribbean island should be: white, golden and black sandy beaches studded with tropical palms, lush rainforests, alpine ranges, mangrove swamps and desert expanses. [ReadMoreMob]

The people of the Dominican Republic offer a warm welcome to all those who visit their shores. The country is defined by hundreds of kilometres of coastline: from quaint fishing villages with boats moored along the shores to sparkling playgrounds of sapphire water, the sea is the lifeblood of the community.

The capital, Santo Domingo, is a wonderful sight of whitewashed and pastel-coloured buildings, stunning monasteries and cobbled streets. The friendliest restaurants serve the freshest fish, while a vibrant nightlife blasts from its colmados (combined corner stores and bars). A Dominican Republic cruise opens up a feast of tropical beaches and an adventurous spirit of hiking and diving in its renowned ecosystems.