Bahamas Cruises

Beautiful view of the beach in the Bahamas
Caribbean sea, Bahamas

The Bahamas, a palm-fringed paradise perfectly blending quiet, crowd-free beaches and tucked-away coves with bustling, energetic cities, is a destination to add to every must-visit list. 

For many, the Bahamas is the Caribbean dream. Visions of the inviting, crystal-clear warm waters teeming with coral reefs and mysterious ancient shipwrecks, and the most glorious golden sands, are made a reality here. It is the perfect place to sample Caribbean life to the full; opportunity to simply relax in the sunshine, perhaps at the beach or on a boat tour bobbing along the coast, with a delicious rum cocktail in hand are contrasted by the experiences offered in the heart of cities such as Freeport and Nassau, which are alive with locals going about their daily lives, darting from street to street and between the busy markets. 

A Fred. Olsen cruise to the Bahamas is a chance to enjoy everything that this Caribbean charm has to offer. Whether you want to sample a laid-back way of life, as well as delicious local cuisine, or satisfy a need for an adrenalin hit with water-based activities or fantastic nightlife, you won't be disappointed. 

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