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Volcanic Islands of the Azores & Madeira


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Aerial view of Lagoon of the Seven Cities-  Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Azores Aerial view of the city of Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal

28 Aug 2024


14 nights


The cruise at a glance

The Olsen Way Highlights

With visits to the historic capital, a remote archipelago and the ‘garden island’, this cruise presents the fascinating culture and nature of Portugal. You can delve into the Age of Discovery in the UNESCO-listed city of Angra do Heroísmo – reached from Praia da Vitória – and also in Lisbon. The Sete Cidades crater lakes is a great example of the Azores’ volcanic landscapes, while Madeira’s unique levada walking trails and botanical gardens make for rewarding exploration. As well as viewing sights such as the historic Belém Tower from the comfort of Borealis, you can search for resident sperm whales and other migrating cetaceans with the help of marine wildlife charity ORCA.

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Angro do Heroismo, Azores

An important navigational stopover

Portuguese navigators first discovered the Azores archipelago in the 1400’s, where Angro do Heroísmo on the island of Terceira was an obligatory port of call for fleets sailing to Africa and the Indies, and is now classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The streets are in a grid formation, which reflects the influence of the Age of Discoveries as the orientation of these are facing towards the port and the direction of prevailing winds. The city has a number of period buildings, which exhibit the island’s role in trade in conquest throughout the centuries.

Sperm whale tail, Azores


You’ll be joined on this cruise by representatives from ORCA, who will be on Borealis’ decks to assist you with spotting various cetacean species. The Azores are well-known for being a leading whale-watching part of the world, as they are home to Atlantic-spotted dolphins and sperm whales, which can be seen at any time of the year. Larger migratory species such as the blue whale and fin whales may pass through in the Spring. Any species you spot will feed into ORCA’s Cruise Conservation Programme and their vital data collection.

Beautiful view of Santiago Lake "Lagoa de Santiago, Azores, Portugal

The mysterious Crater Lakes

Located on the island of São Miguel, the enigmatic Sete Cidades Crater Lakes are known as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Portugal’. Eight miles in circumference, the twin lakes are positioned within the crater; one a deep blue, and the other a bright green – while they are hydrologically connected, their ecology is completely different, and these are reflected in the colours of the lakes in sunlight. There is also a legend that the lakes are these colours due to tears from a princess and shepherd boy who were banned from being together by the princess’ father, the King.


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Life On Board

Introducing Borealis

Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for enjoying scenic cruising of the world's lesser-known waterways. From cruising past remarkable landscapes and historical sites to capturing the beauty of the natural world. 

Borealis at sea at sunset
Borealis at sea at sunset


Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for taking guests on a journey around the globe, enabling more exploration in more exciting ports. Her smaller size, spacious public areas, open deck spaces and impressive array of restaurants make her perfect for longer voyages, and shorter journeys alike.

702 cabins
1,360 guests
662 crew
61,849 GT
25kts max speed
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