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Italy’s scenic riviera with charming Cinque Terre


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View on Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
24 Sep 2025
16 nights

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Bolette will take you to visit a string of charming towns perched on coastal cliffs, including the emerging gem of Cinque Terre, Corsica’s quaint Bonifacio, and the picturesque village of Portofino. You can experience the allure of the Italian Riviera while immersing yourself in authentic culture and cuisine from indulging in fresh seafood to savouring focaccia and pesto in its place of origin, Genoa. Beautiful Cinque Terre, known for olive growing and winemaking, will enchant your taste buds with trofie pasta, zesty lemons and local wines like Sciacchetrà. You can also uncover the region’s rich maritime history, particularly in Genoa, home to ancient city walls and the birthplace of explorer Christopher Columbus.

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Vernazza - One of five cities in cinque terre, Italy

Scenic Coastal Cliffs and teetering towns

Translated as “Five Lands”, the emerging treasure of UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre is an iconic stretch of coastline comprising of five colourful fishing villages, renowned for its natural beauty and unique pastel-coloured terraced houses. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore all have their own distinct characters and offer unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea. Portofino exudes timeless charm with buildings perched on rocky hillsides, and cobblestoned streets winding through the village, surrounded by lush greenery and azure blue waters. The Corsican town of Bonifacio is renowned for its dramatic cliffs, where ancient forts seem to cling on precariously. Home to streets filled with medieval structures, the town’s historical architecture blends perfectly into the natural beauty of its rugged coastline.

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Focaccia bread with rosemary

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita, translating as 'the good life', is the perfect way to describe this Bolette cruise. A trio of Italian towns offer a delectable range of culinary experiences for you to try. In Portofino, sample the freshest and most delicious seafood in local restaurants, set against the backdrop of the town’s scenic beauty; while in Genoa, we reocmmend you try Pesto alla Genovese, which originated here. Focaccia bread is another locally produced favourite, often served with just a drizzle of good quality olive oil, so be sure to enjoy them both in an authentic Italian setting. Seafood also takes centre stage in Cinque Terre, with fresh catches transformed into mouthwatering traditional dishes. Fishing and agriculture in the Cinque Terre region reflect its traditional roots, particularly the long-standing practice of olive growing. Terraced vineyards and olive groves rest on steep cliffs, displaying the ingenuity of the locals who produce some of the most flavoursome olives in Italy. Genoa is also well-known for its rich history of craftsmanship, with a particular focus on the intricate art of lace-making, known as ‘merletto’, which has been practiced here for centuries. Delicate lace patterns are meticulously created, and are celebrated for their fine detail and exquisite quality.

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Military ships in La Spezia.

Maritime History

Genoa’s maritime history is a tapestry of global influences, and was known as a commanding force during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The city’s shipbuilding industry and maritime trade networks enabled Genoese sailors and explorers to play a pivotal role in discovering new continents. Christopher Columbus was born here in 1451, and spent much of his childhood in the city before leaving to discover the New World. La Spezia is home to Italy’s largest naval base, which still produces warships for the Italian Navy; and Cinque Terre was seen as a strategic coastal location for pirate attacks. This resulted in the construction of watchtowers and fortifications to prevent further occurrences and which can be climbed still today.

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Life On Board

Introducing Bolette

With just 690 cabins Bolette fits perfectly in our fleet of smaller ships. With her warm, welcoming atmosphere, timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising.

Bolette in Olden, Norway
Bolette at sunrise


Bolette is one of the largest ships, by overall size, in our fleet. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising, Bolette is very much in keeping with what our guests have come to expect from a Fred. Olsen ship.

690 cabins
1,338 guests
657 crew
62,735 GT
24.5kts max speed
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Our Signature Experiences

To make your experience even more special, our Journey Planners have designed a unique programme of Signature Experiences which will allow you to discover real insights about the culture and nature of the places we are visiting, so you can arrive in each destination fully prepared to get the most out of your visit.

Itinerary Insights

We have carefully curated a programme of events to give you a deeper understanding of each of the destinations you will be visiting

Scenic Discoveries

Our Scenic Discoveries are designed to allow you to enjoy seeing the world from the unique perspective of our ships

The Ship and the Sea

Maritime is in our DNA - our history in shipping goes back almost 200 years

The Sky at Sea

There’s very little in the natural world more beautiful than a clear night sky, sunrise or sunset seen at sea

Treats of the Region

We love to bring a taste of the region's food, drink, local tastes and culinary traditions to life on board

Your Guest Speakers

We’ve arranged for some wonderful guest speakers to join us for this cruise. They will be delivering a programme of insightful talks and activities to deepen your cultural, artistic and historical understanding of the destinations we will be exploring, well as helping you to enjoy the natural beauty of the places we visit.

Genoa Local

Dr. Armida Luciana Bordi

Local of Genoa, Dr. Armida L. Bordi, will be joining us on board to provide valuable insights into Italian culture and the local way of life.

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Go Stargazing

Go Stargazing is formed of a group of astronomers, all of whom are keen to encourage public interest in astronomy to as wide an audience as possible. Join Dr Mark Westmoquette on your cruise for stargazing sessions conducted on the top deck in the evenings.

Treats & Pastimes

In addition to our Signature Experiences, we have a selection of lovely Treats & Pastimes for you to enjoy when on board. Just check your Daily Times each day for full details.

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* Prices correct as of 14:00 26/05/2024, based on the lowest available Cruise Only fare, and on sole occupancy. Please call +441473746175 for live availability & prices.

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Balcony Junior Suite (BJ)

Bolette's Balcony Junior Suites have a private balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

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Balcony Junior Suite Wheelchair Adapted (BJD)

Bolette's Balcony Junior Adapted Suites have a balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

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Balcony Suite (BS)

Located on deck 6, Bolette's Balcony Suites have a private balcony

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Premier Suite (PS)

Bolette’s Premier Suites are located on Deck 7, and have a private balcony.

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Premier Suite Wheelchair Adapted (PSD)

Bolette's Premier Adapted Suites are spacious and stylish, and located on deck 7.

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Olsen Suite (OW)

The Olsen Suite is the largest suite on Bolette, with a private balcony and sitting area.

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Cruise Offers

FREE On Board Spend OR Door-to-Door transfer up to 150 miles   Freedom Fare

What's Included


As well as our Signature Experiences, there are a host of other treats to enjoy on board our ships.

  • À la carte breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Daily buffet dining options
  • Late night Supper Club
  • Afternoon tea
  • Self-service tea & coffee
  • In-cabin dining & snacks
  • Evening shows
  • Live music & dancing
  • Dance classes
  • Lectures & talks
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Traditional deck games
  • Daily games & quizzes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Fitness Centre
  • Fitness Classes

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