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Top tips from our guests

Vintage suitcase - Top Tips
By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

When first joining a Fred. Olsen ship, there’s so much to think about when it comes to packing, and whilst the luggage allowance is a generous 90kgs (or 200lbs) on cruises departing from the UK, it’s still easy to miss those little extras which help make cruising with Fred. Olsen feel like a home-from-home.

Members of the Fred. Olsen Cruise Group page on Facebook have come up with a variety of helpful and simple tips to make life on board a Fred. Olsen ship even easier, and we’ve detailed some of them below:

• The Daily Times has a handy tear-off sheet, which makes it perfect for you to carry around with you for easy reference.

• Pack a magnet – with copies of the Daily Times newsletter and other important information provided in your cabin, find a metal object to stick them to (such as the bathroom door) and it’s easy to see at a glance what the timetable is for that day, what the dress code is for that evening or what time to be on your shore tour.

• If you’d prefer not to use a magnet, then the clear folder wallets are perfect for storing essential information, postcards and maps in.

• A highlighter pen to mark the activities in the Daily Times that you don’t want to miss.

• If you use multiple electrical items, such as phones, tablets etc, then a 3 (or 4) way short extension lead, along with an adaptor plug, gives you extra outlets for charging.

• A plug in or battery operated, movement-activated nightlight is a great addition to your suitcase, so you have a soft glow if you need to get up in the night.

• Extra coat hangers, because you never seem to have enough (although Guest Services and Housekeeping can arrange for more for you).

• Clothes pegs are a great addition, so that you can peg your towel to your sunbed on our warmer cruises – these are also perfect for hanging up small items on the clothes line in your bathroom.

• A travel alarm clock is always handy to have in your room, to ensure you get to various meals and shore tours on time!

• Many guests are partial to their morning tea or coffee, but don’t want it to go cold while out on deck admiring the scenery, so an insulated mug is the solution to this problem!

• Bright suitcases are easily recognisable in the baggage hall when your cruise comes to an end.

We hope this helps you plan for those little extras when doing your cruise packing, but for more helpful hints and tips, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!


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