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Scenic view of the waterfront harbor in Svolvaer
Scenic view of the waterfront harbor in Svolvaer
Bird's eye view of the Svolaer town

Svolvær, the de facto capital of Norway’s rugged Lofoten archipelago, is a small, yet vibrant town situated on the picturesque southern coast of Austvågøya Island.

With its pretty harbour, overlooking the beautiful Vestfjord, and spectacular scenes of steep mountains, gorgeous beaches and sheltered bays, Svolvær is a haven for visitors seeking exciting hiking and climbing adventures, as well as artists attracted to the town’s picture-perfect location.[ReadMoreMob]

The town itself, which plays a major role in the success of Lofoten’s thriving fishing industry, is developing at a rapid rate. In contrast to the unspoilt landscapes surrounding the town, the centre of Svolvær is a jumble of modern buildings and attractions. There are plenty of shops, trendy cafés, restaurants and a collection of interesting museums including the Lofoten War Museum, and galleries such as the Foto Galleri and Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, that exhibit works from artists inspired by the scenic delights of Svolvær and Lofoten.

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