Cruising Sognefjord

Sognefjord, Norway
Sognefjord, Norway

The magnificent Sognefjord is one of the world's longest fjords and the largest in Norway. Truly one of the world's most stunning natural wonders, a scenic cruise along this spectacular waterway will showcase the best that mother nature has to offer including incredible scenery, snow-capped mountains and glistening waterfalls. 

Cruises to Cruising Sognefjord

View over Hardangerfjord, Norway View over Hardangerfjord, Norway View over Hardangerfjord, Norway

Classic Scenic Norwegian Fjords • S2319

Sat 09 Sep 2023
8 nights
  • Visit Norway’s fjordland in autumn, when the scenery starts to change 
  • See Hardangerfjord’s orchard-covered landscapes, and taste local fruit produce at Eidfjord
  • Scenic cruise Lysefjord and Sognefjord; ride the Flambana Railway; and explore Bergen too
Eidfjord, Norway Eidfjord, Norway A majestic view on Eidfjord, Norway

Springtime Waterfalls & Norwegian Fjords • M2313

Wed 07 Jun 2023
8 nights
  • Scenic cruise beautiful waterways 
  • Sail Lysefjord and witness Langfoss & Fureberg waterfalls
  • See the beauty of Eidfjord & Skjolden
Sognefjord, Norway Sognefjord, Norway Sognefjord, Norway

Scenic Summertime Norwegian Fjords • M2318

Fri 04 Aug 2023
7 nights
  • Experience the beautyof the fjordland 
  • See the summertime scenery of Hardangerfjord
  • Go fjord kayaking and witness spectacular waterfalls
Hardangerfjord, Norway Hardangerfjord, Norway Hardangerfjord, Norway

Highlights & Hidden Gems of the Norwegian Fjords • L2319

 Rosyth (Edinburgh)
Tue 08 Aug 2023
8 nights
  • Experience the beauty of Norway’s fjordland 
  • View dramatic mountains, forested hills and mountains
  • Ashore, ride the Rauma Railway or visit Briksdal Glacier
Beautiful views of Sognefjord, Norway Beautiful views of Sognefjord, Norway Beautiful views of Sognefjord, Norway

Norway's Mountains & Scenic Fjords • T2324

Wed 30 Aug 2023
8 nights
  • See the scenery of beautiful waterways in the fjordland
  • Marvel at Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord
  • Ride the Flåmsbana railway from Flåm