Cruising Kalsoyarfjørður

Braemar cruising the open sea
Braemar cruising the open sea

The Kalsoyarfjørður strait flows from the open North Atlantic Ocean at the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands archipelago, all the way into Leirvíksfjørður between Eysturoy and Borðoy.

This 18 Kilometre-long waterway is flanked by the remote, rugged islands of Kalsoy and Kunoy which both feature magnificent mountain peaks – some up to 800 metres high – and impressive cliff faces.

Kalsoy and Kunoy are also thriving breeding sites for various species of seabirds, so be sure keep an eye out for Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots, European Storm Petrels and much more as you sail through the strait.

Cruises to Cruising Kalsoyarfjørður

Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands

Scenic Orkney & Faroe Islands • S215

Sat 17 Jul 2021
5 nights
  • Sail the rugged coastline of the Faroes
  • Spot Sea Birds & Orca
  • Scenic sail the remote Orkney Isles
Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland.

Dramatic Coastlines of Iceland & The Faroes • S2224

Mon 05 Sep 2022
11 nights
  • Scenic cruise Iceland’s Western Fjords
  • Visit the magnificent Strokkir geyser
  • Go in search of Humpback Whales