Cruising Gironde & Garonne Rivers

Gironde River
Gironde River
Gironde River

The beautiful River Garonne is possibly south-west France's most important river, and arguably one of the region's most picturesque too. 

Serving a number of important towns and cities, including beautiful Bordeaux, the River Garonne flows through beautiful French countryside, presenting you with stunning views to enjoy from your smaller cruise ship.

Just upstream from Bordeaux, the Garonne meets the Dore River and forms Western Europe's largest estuary, the Gironde. 

Cruises to Cruising Gironde & Garonne Rivers

Bordeaux evening view, France Bordeaux evening view View on Bordeaux in the evening - France

French Cities & Spain • S2122

Sun 26 Sep 2021
11 nights
  • A full-flavoured cruise of French cities and scenic cruising
  • Borealis sails the Gironde and Garonne rivers to Bassens
  • Visit La Pallice for La Rochelle, and St Malo on the Brittany coast
The Eiffel tower, Paris, France The Eiffel tower, Paris, France The Eiffel tower, Paris, France

French Rivers & Bordeaux • L2229

Tue 25 Oct 2022
10 nights
  • Enjoy local wines in Bordeaux and Getxo
  • From Rouen, tour to the culinary hotspot of Paris
  • Sail through the size-restricted Seine River