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Saint Lawrence River, Canada
Saint Lawrence River, Canada

Located on the banks of the beautiful Saint-Lawrence River, Baie-Comeau is one of Canada’s hidden gems built on history and heritage. The region's landscape has been shaped by glacial retreats and extraordinary natural phenomena – the immense Manicouagan crater is an extraordinary sight. [ReadMoreMob]

Smothered with forests, this busy industrial city supplies Quebec with large quantities of hydroelectricity from the impressive Manicouagan Reservoir dam.

Journeying further into the city centre, away from the busy port-side industries, a calm, peaceful city where quaint cafes and pretty theatres await. The delightful old-town district, known as Vieux-Poste, was established in 1889. Formerly the village of Saint-Eugène-de-Manicouagan, it boasts the oak-framed, stained-glass wonder of the Anglican church of St Andrew, and the pink-granited Sainte-Amélie Church.

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