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Panama city skyline
Panama city skyline
San Blas Islands

Panama is a country that offers more than a fashionable hat. Although a Panama Cruise conjures images of its world famous canal, there is so much more than that to this incredible country. Fast becoming Central America's hottest destination, Panama tempts visitors with its jungles, coral-ringed islands, mountain forests and exotic wildlife.  [ReadMoreMob]

A short train ride from Colon, Panama City offers a glimpse into the past and future. Divided into two distinct regions, one side boasts shiny skyscrapers, whilst the other is the old colonial town.

But a Panama cruise isn't all about its urban areas. You can also visit its largest indigenous group, the Kunas, who own and inhabit one of Panama's major tourist attractions, the San Blas Islands.Its multicultural population is reflected in the country's cuisine, western, Panamanian and American fast food is all on offer with a healthy spread of fresh seafood.

As it's such a diverse country that must be seen to be believed, a single Panama cruise may not be enough, and we are sure that once you first experience this wonderful destination, it won't be long until you're back for more.Once you have conquered Panama, why not see what the rest of the region has to offer by checking out our other Central and South American Cruises.

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Thu 05 Jan 2023
14 nights
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