Malaysia Cruises

Kuala Lumpar Skyline at Titiwangsa Park, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpar Skyline at Titiwangsa Park, Malaysia
Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Why Cruise in Malaysia?

A cruise holiday to Malaysia and Port Klang brings you within touching distance of the skyscrapers, modern architecture and bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur. A city of incredible cultural diversity, Malay, Chinese, Indian and British inhabitants have all contributed to creating this aggressively modern city. The Petronas Towers are probably one of the most famous sights, but it’s also renowned for its shopping, fine dining and as a hub for international business.  [ReadMoreMob] [ReadMoreDesk]

Malaysia's Wildlife and Culture

Yet the other face of Malaysia is of reefs, rainforests and mountains. A cruise holiday to Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo offers a glimpse of wild Malaysia and jungles that are home to exotic species, coral reefs alive with turtles, sharks and tropical fish. Here, skyscrapers are replaced by longhouses and modernity by tribal tradition.

A cruise to Malaysia is like getting two holidays for the price of one.

Cruises to Malaysia

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