African woman looks out over the sea in Takoradi, located in Ghana
African woman looks out over the sea in Sekondi-Takoradi, located in Ghana

Ghana's beauty is in its diversity, no doubt about it.

Vibrant cities – of which many of the best are situated on the coast, and boast spectacular beaches – contrast the unspoilt nature of the country's gorgeous, wonderfully wild hinterland, whilst an abundance of historic sites tell tales of a fascinating past that not only helped to shape modern Ghana, but the modern world as a whole.

Cruise to Ghana with Fred. Olsen and you'll get to uncover the gems of destinations such as Takoradi, a city that offers a taste of authentic Ghanaian culture, with its busy markets, food stalls, colonial architecture and historic monuments, and also serves as a gateway to water villages and nature reserves.

Cruises to Ghana

Giraffes and Zebras, South Africa Giraffes and Zebras, South Africa Africa and Indian Ocean

The Intrepid Beauty of Africa & the Indian Ocean • T2330

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Sun 19 Nov 2023
93 nights
  • Go in search of Africa's wildlife
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