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Scenic Wonders & Wildlife of Canada & Greenland


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Prins Christian Sound in Greenland Prins Christian Sound in Greenland

19 Jul 2024


27 nights


Your cruise at a glance

Hand-crafted highlights

This voyage on board Bolette takes you off the beaten track to remote destinations, where you can immerse yourself in the local way of life by embracing Gaelic influenced experiences, such as sea shanties and jigs, while capturing unspoilt scenery and elusive wildlife. Your cruise has been timed to encounter the world's largest population of humpback whales off the coast of Newfoundland, which you can search for with the help of wildlife charity ORCA. You may also be lucky enough to spot a polar bear climbing the rocky islands of Nunavut. Geological wonders await your discovery, too, from Iceland's geysers and waterfalls to Greenland's glaciers and icebergs. As part of the journey, our guests will learn more about L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. Known as the only confirmed Norse settlement in North America, it holds a special significance to the Olsen family. 

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Views of Prins Christiansund from on board

Rugged & Remote Landscapes


Flanked by rugged mountains, and punctuated by blue-white glaciers, Bolette will sail along the icy waters of Prins Christiansund; and you will also have the opportunity to walk on the Earth’s exposed mantle at Gros Morne National Park, one of the very few places in the world where it’s visible. The Qooroq ice fjord, renowned for its floating icebergs carved from the Qooroq Glacier, offer mesmerising views of varying shades of blue icebergs in a range of sizes and shapes, surrounded by the contrasting scenery of Greenland's rocky mountains. You'll be joined by Geologist James Floyd, who has conducted field studies in Newfoundland, and will talk about the unusual rocks of Gros Morne and it's geology, along with the forming of the Qooroq glacier and fjord.

Traditional Newfoundland and Labrador fishing stages.

Canadian community spirit 

As you step ashore in Canada, you'll be embraced by a land of storytelling, folkore, music and dancing. In St. John's you'll have the chance to experience the "Screech-in" ceremony, where newcomers are welcomed into the Newfoundland region by taking a shot of screech rum, reciting the Screecher's Creed and kissing the cod! This lighthearted way of welcoming visitors to the community is not to be missed. Folk music and dancing here have a distinctly Gaelic heritage, with Irish sea shanties sung, and Newfoundland jigs and reels are danced to Scottish bagpipes. You'll be perfectly placed in Newfoundland to enjoy hiking forest trails at Signal Hill, or experience fishing at St. John's port, located in a prime fishing area. 

Whale breaching out of the water

Marine Wildlife


Your cruise has been perfectly time for you to see the world's largest population of humpback whales feed off the coast of Newfoundland as they return here each year. You will be joined by experts from wildlife charity ORCA, who will be out on deck as they go in search of whales and other marine mammals, and provide you with assistance on how to spot different cetacean species. From St. John's, join us on a boat tour to go whale watching and see these majestic mammals in their natural environment. 

L'Anse aux Meadows


L’Anse aux Meadows is an archaeological site located on the northern tip of the island of Newfoundland in Canada. Renowned as the only confirmed Norse settlement in North America, it holds great historical significance. In the early 1960s, Norwegian husband-and-wife archaeologists, Helge Ingstad and Anne Stine Ingstad, embarked on a search for Viking settlements in North America. Fred. Olsen’s father, Thomas Olsen, and his friend Niels Werring, provided the duo with the boat Halten for their expedition, so holds an extraordinary significance to the Olsen family.


Cruise Itinerary

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Life On Board

Introducing Bolette

With just 690 cabins Bolette fits perfectly in our fleet of smaller ships. With her warm, welcoming atmosphere, timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising.

Bolette in Olden, Norway
Bolette at sunrise


Bolette is one of the largest ships, by overall size, in our fleet. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising, Bolette is very much in keeping with what our guests have come to expect from a Fred. Olsen ship.

690 cabins
1,338 guests
657 crew
62,735 GT
24.5kts max speed
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Sample Shore Tours

At each port of call on your cruise, we carefully research and hand pick Shore Tour options for you, designed for you see as many of the world's best destinations as possible.

Below, you will find some sample Shore Tours which will give you an example of what to expect on your cruise. Your Shore Tours will be available to book approximately 8-13 weeks prior to departure via your My Cruises account.

St. Johns Newfoundland

Newfoundland's Irish Heritage

Explore the history of the Irish-Newfoundland connection through stories, music, and an up close and personal meeting with multi-award-winning fiddler Kelly Russell.


St. John's

Gros Morne  ablelands

Gros Morne Discovery Centre & HIke

Explore the Gros Morne Discovery Centre to observe the landscape through interactive exhibitions and the viewing deck before enjoying a walk through the barren landscape and witnessing rocks from the middle layers of the Earth. 


Corner Brook

 Qooroq Ice Fjord

Qooroq Ice Fjord

Set sail on the Qooroq Ice Fjord for a breathtaking journey and see the glimmering icebergs up close. Aboard a local boat, your captain will navigate into the mouth of the fjord, providing you with numerous photo opportunities of the icebergs



Gullfoss Waterfall

Golden Circle

Witness Iceland’s spectacular natural wonders. Drive over the moorlands of Mosfellsheiði en route to Þingvellir National Park. Visit Goðafoss Waterfall and watch the water from the Hvítá River thunder before visiting the Geysir geothermal area.



Your Guest Speakers

We’ve arranged for some wonderful guest speakers to join us for this cruise. They will be delivering a programme of insightful talks and activities to deepen your cultural, artistic and historical understanding of the destinations we will be exploring, well as helping you to enjoy the natural beauty of the places we visit.

Ocean Wildlife


Founded in 2001, ORCA is a group of Ocean Conservationists. Join them out on deck to search the seas for marine life.

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L'Anse Aux Meadows

Paul Njølstad

Paul has worked for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site for almost 17 seasons, and is looking forward to sharing the history of his ancestors.

Penny Goodman

Penny Goodman

Arctic enthusiast and Polar Geographer, Penny Goodman, has led expeditions all over the Arctic. As we explore Iceland, Greenland and Canada together, Penny will be joining us on board delivering a series of insightful talks.

Glenn Patrick

Professor Glenn Patrick

Physicist Glenn Patrick has spent most of his career working at the CERN laboratory in Geneva. He will be on hand delivering a series of talks on earth and science subjects as well as leading stargazing sessions out on deck.

James Floyd

Professor James Floyd

Geologist and Natural Historian James Floyd has conducted field work along the Eastern Canadian coastline. During this time on board, he will be delivering a series of insightful talks on the geology of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Labrador.

Newfoundland Local

Susan Atkinson

Born in St. John's, Newfoundland when it was an independent colony, Susan is a trained physiotherapist and will be on board to give you a local's perspective of St.John's, Newfoundland and Canada, and explain why the 1st July means so much to Newfoundland, and the array of oddities.

Iversen Family
Nuuk Locals

The Iversen Family

Join the Iversens family who moved to Greenland in 2008 and now reside in Nuuk, having opened their own hotel to learn about local Greenlandic life.

Treats & Pastimes

In addition to our Signature Experiences, we have a selection of lovely Treats & Pastimes for you to enjoy when on board. Just check your Daily Times each day for full details.

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Cabins, Prices & Offers

Cabin Options On Your Cruise

* Prices correct as of 06:00 13/04/2024, based on the lowest available Cruise Only fare, and on two people sharing a twin cabin. Please call +441473746175 for live availability & prices.

* Prices correct as of 06:00 13/04/2024, based on the lowest available Cruise Only fare, and on sole occupancy. Please call +441473746175 for live availability & prices.

Cabin Grades

Standard Pricing Solo Pricing

Balcony Junior Suite (BJ)

Bolette's Balcony Junior Suites have a private balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

Freedom Fare From £7,999 pp
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Balcony Junior Suite Wheelchair Adapted (BJD)

Bolette's Balcony Junior Adapted Suites have a balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

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Balcony Suite (BS)

Located on deck 6, Bolette's Balcony Suites have a private balcony

Freedom Fare From £8,399 pp
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Premier Suite (PS)

Bolette’s Premier Suites are located on Deck 7, and have a private balcony.

Freedom Fare From £10,999 pp
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Premier Suite Wheelchair Adapted (PSD)

Bolette's Premier Adapted Suites are spacious and stylish, and located on deck 7.

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Olsen Suite (OW)

The Olsen Suite is the largest suite on Bolette, with a private balcony and sitting area.

Freedom Fare From £14,299 pp
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What's Included


As well as our Signature Experiences, there is a host of other treats to enjoy on board our ships.

  • À la carte breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Daily buffet dining options
  • Late night Supper Club
  • Afternoon tea
  • Self-service tea & coffee
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  • Evening shows
  • Live music & dancing
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  • Lectures & talks
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Traditional deck games
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  • Swimming Pools
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  • Fitness Centre
  • Fitness Classes

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