What currency will I need?

Dusseldorf, Germany

All prices on board Brabant are in Sterling. This includes your bar bill, gratuities, shore tours and anything purchased in the on board shop.

Any additional currency required will depend on the ports of call and countries you visit on your river cruise itinerary, as well as the activities you have planned for time spent ashore. Please see below a handy reference when planning your additional currency needs for your cruise.

Austria - Euro
Bulgaria - Bulgarian lev
Netherlands - Euro
France - Euro
Germany - Euro
Hungary - Hungarian forint
Romania - Romanian leu
Serbia - Serbian dinar
Slovakia - Euro
Switzerland - Swiss franc

For currency required for shoreside, we recommend ordering from City Forex, call 020 7621 0090, visit www.cityforex.co.uk or email cruiseorders@cityforex.co.uk, and your currency can be delivered to your home address prior to your holiday.

Please note there is no bureau de change on board Brabant so please ensure you have all relevant currency before you embark on your cruise.

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