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Town of Parintins along the Amazon River, Brazil
Town of Parintins along the Amazon River, Brazil
Floating boat selling bananas, Parintins

The little Indian village of Parintins sits on an island in the Amazon River and is the site of the annual Boi-Bumbá folk festival, the biggest in Brazil after Carnival in Rio.

The port area has a flea market and a colourful floating market with dozens of boats jammed together, selling fruit, vegetables, fish and souvenirs. The town itself has a few interesting buildings, including a brightly painted cathedral in Portuguese colonial style, with an ornate interior.

Thousands of people descend on Parantins on the last weekend of June for the Boi-Bumbá festival, one of the largest parties in the Amazonas. The festival focuses on a rivalry between two local clans.

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