Nuku' Alofa Cruises

Rugged shore of Nuku Alofa, Tonga
Rugged shore of Nuku Alofa, Tonga
Tongan Parliament building in Nuku Alofa

Located on the north coast of the island of Tongatapu, Nukuʻalofa, the capital of Tonga, lies just west of the International Date Line. Nukuʻalofa has a hidden charm that includes a vibrant main street, a broad waterfront, and impressive views across the bay to neighbouring coral islands.

Tonga is a collection of 171 islands that are truly unique given they’re the first place on earth to greet each new day. Nuku’alofa - one of only 45 inhabited Tongan islands - is the capital of Tonga and home to the Talamahu Market and the Royal Palace - the historical residence of the King.

Talamahu Market is a buzzing, fresh-produce hub where bananas and other coloured fruits are piled into handmade woven-frond baskets. It has a few cooked-food stalls, plus some excellent (and affordable) Tongan arts and crafts on sale.

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