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 National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei , Taiwan
The main gate of National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall in Taipei

Known as Ilha Formosa - Beautiful Island - Taiwan is a melting pot of old and upheld traditions mixed perfectly with the modern world. Towering sea cliffs and tropical forests add to the enigma of this fascinating island, which also offers the complete contrast of the bustling city and skyscrapers of Taipei. [ReadMoreMob]

The cuisine in Taiwan is some of the most innovative in Asia - from local specialities of Taipei beef noodles, oyster omelettes and taro balls. Street markets are full of tantalising smells, with each one better than the last as you continue your journey through the vast mazes of food stalls. 

The many temples in Taiwan are all uniquely appealing, with doors that are always painted red, and decorated with colourful portraits of General Qin and General Yuchi - Door Gods, who are said to have had the ability to repel demons. Perhaps the most exquisite temple to visit is the Baoan Temple in Taipei, adorned with gold - and of course, the afore-metioned red. 

A cruise to Taiwan is sure to be on many a to-do list for guests looking for a little adventure, culture and diversity in a beautiful setting. 

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