Saudi Arabia

Seashore mosque in Jeddah, Saudi arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

With historic footings in religion and spirituality, as the birthplace of Islam, and a place cemented in the modern world, as a country at the forefront of industry, technology and architecture, Saudi Arabia is a melting pot of new and old. 

One minute you're surrounded by the barren, arid landscapes of vast, dramatic desert, the next you're in amongst the towering skyscrapers, apartment blocks and glamourous resorts of rapidly-growing cities. In between, you're bound to encounter palaces, mosques and other sites symbolising the Kingdom's place as a pilgimage to Muslims worldwide.

A Fred. Olsen cruise to Saudi Arabia will include visits to destinations that showcase the country's diversity, such as Jeddah – a city that mixes the ultra-modern with UNESCO-listed old town districts and serves as the gateway to Mecca and Medina.

Cruises to Saudi Arabia

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