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Martinique, the picturesque city of Fort de France in West Indies
Martinique, the picturesque city of Fort de France in West Indies

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Located in the eastern Caribbean, Martinique is an overseas territory of France, so offers the chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere of its sovereign country. The volcanic island is watched over by the mountainous Mont Pelée, which decimated the former capital of St. Pierre. Today, the capital of the island is Fort-de-France, known for its colonial architecture, tropical flowers and white sand beaches; and the perfect place to visit on your Fred. Olsen cruise to the Caribbean.[ReadMore]

Martinican Cuisine

Martinique is well known for its local dish – Colombo de Martinique, a dish made from lamb cooked in coconut milk, ginger and island spices, delicious when cooked slowly in the mañana way of the Caribbean. However, the national dish is grilled snapper with creole sauce, perfect when eaten with the beach and turquoise seas between your toes

Creole culture

Known for its natural beauty, beaches and French history, Martinique’s creole culture is also fascinating to experience. With influences from Europe, there is a large contribution from African and Indian cultures too – community life is a large part of the islands identity as it is in Africa, and the frequent use of spices and colourful clothing made its way to Martinique from India.

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