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Roatan Island (Bay Islands) Honduras
Turtle in caribbean sea

Since its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1502, the islands of Honduras have seen a flurry of change, having previously been under both British and Spanish control. Whilst the nation’s past might have experience d a continued transition, its beauty and reputation as a tropical paradise has remained undeniably firm.

Just 30 miles off the coast of the mainland sits Roatan, the country’s largest island. An unspoilt bay of beautiful beaches and rich marine life, Roatan is famed for its pristine coral reefs that make for some of the most memorable scuba-diving in South America. When you’re not lounging on the sands of South Beach Lagoon, Roatan’s mountainous terrain also offers several excellent hiking opportunities where you’ll have the chance to see experience the island’s plush surroundings at first hand from the many intriguing walks and trails.

As well as brilliant wildlife, the island also has a fantastic education marine centre where visitors can get up close and personal with Roatan’s playful and friendly dolphins.

If sun, sea, snorkelling and sand seem like your ideal holiday, our Honduras cruises are the ones for you. Book now and secure yourself the holiday of a lifetime.

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