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Nestled on the north-eastern coast of Central America, the former British colony of Belize is the second smallest nation on the continent and boasts a rich, colourful Mayan history that still resonates deeply under the tropical Caribbean sun. But it’s not Belize’s vivid past that gives it its unique luring charm. With over half of the nation’s mainland entangled in dense forest and jungle it is haven where nature and wildlife can flourish after being fiercely protected for several years.

Surrounded on three sides by shimmering emerald-green waters, Belize City is the perfect place to begin to absorb all the beauty Belize has to offer. A relaxing canter through the the capital's tightly-packed web of narrow streets and canals reveals the lasting colonial past, from when the English used the city as a hub for the logging industry. A visit to Old Belize will illuminate the country’s history even further; a living museum which exhibits treasures such as a Mayan cave and logging camp will give you a vivid insight into how the nation transformed into the sought-after tropical paradise of today.

The winding glorious coastline is perhaps Belize’s greatest attraction to both wildlife enthusiasts and lounging sun-seekers. The pristine waters accommodate almost 150 miles of unbroken coral reefs that give it the crown of arguably the world’s best diving location. Whilst divers clamour to experience the bristling marine life, the white sandy shores accommodate those seeking a bout of relaxation, with spectacular views on the horizon of the Cayes islands that glisten just short of the Belize coast.

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