Skjolden Cruises

River side houses in Skjolden, Norway
Skjolden, Norway
Rocks, mountains and waterfall mirrored in a river in Skjolden

Sitting at the end of the world's longest fjord, Skjolden is considered one of the world's most breath-taking destinations, overlooked by soaring mountains and dramatic cliffs. Beautiful Skjolden is perfectly placed as a gateway to the Jotunheimen Mountains and Jostedalsbreen, mainland Europe's largest glacier.

Skjolden offers a slice of genuine Norwegian hospitality and nature beyond imagination; it is also home of Urnes Stave Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Feigum Waterfalls – the most spectacular in Norway, are equally unmissable.

Ludwig Wittgenstein lived and worked in Skjolden in the early 20th century. Considered by some to be the greatest philosopher of his era, Wittgenstein continues to influence western thinking in logic and language, ethics and religion, and he wrote many of his most influential works when he stayed here.

Cruises to Skjolden

Hardangerfjord, Norway Hardangerfjord, Norway Hardangerfjord, Norway

Highlights & Hidden Gems of the Norwegian Fjords • L2319

 Rosyth (Edinburgh)
Tue 08 Aug 2023
8 nights
  • Experience the beauty of Norway’s fjordland 
  • View dramatic mountains, forested hills and mountains
  • Ashore, ride the Rauma Railway or visit Briksdal Glacier
Eidfjord, Norway Eidfjord, Norway A majestic view on Eidfjord, Norway

Springtime Waterfalls & Norwegian Fjords • M2313

Wed 07 Jun 2023
8 nights
  • Scenic cruise beautiful waterways 
  • Sail Lysefjord and witness Langfoss & Fureberg waterfalls
  • See the beauty of Eidfjord & Skjolden
Sognefjord, Norway Sognefjord, Norway Sognefjord, Norway

Scenic Summertime Norwegian Fjords • M2318

Fri 04 Aug 2023
7 nights
  • Experience the beautyof the fjordland 
  • See the summertime scenery of Hardangerfjord
  • Go fjord kayaking and witness spectacular waterfalls