Road Town, Tortola

Road town harbour in Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Road town harbour in Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Pussers Bar in Road Town, Tortola

Tortola Island is a famous pirate haunt of old, and Road Town is typically old-world Caribbean and still retains a surreal charm. Capital of the British Virgin Islands, this picturesque town sat between rolling hills and white sandy bays, has a history to match its beguiling beauty.

Situated on the horseshoe-shaped Road Harbour, Road Town is home to the Sunday Morning Well, the site where the Emancipation Proclamation was read in 1834.[ReadMoreMob] Among the old buildings of Main Street – some still complete with their original red tin roofs, shops stacked with local produce and an abundance of restaurants can be found. The oldest building on the street, HM Prison, was built in 1774.

Away from the town along the waterfront, the town’s craftsmen and women sell their own textiles, paintings, rugs and ornaments. The legendary Pussers Bar is the perfect place to try some authentic Caribbean rum, while nearby Cane Garden Bay offers an expanse of gorgeous, sugar-white sands. [ReadMore]

Exploring further will reveal the popular JR O'Neal Botanic Gardens – home to various exotic plant species, and the 'baths' – an unmissable natural rock formation accessible via a short boat trip.‚Äč

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