Shore Tour Information

Please read and consider carefully the following important information which relates to the booking of and participation in any tour, excursion or other activity provided during the course of your holiday by a third party service provider ("Shore Tour"). 
Your contract 

1. When selling Shore Tours, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Limited (“FOCL”) acts in the capacity of sales agent on behalf of the Local Tour Provider (LTP) whose services you are purchasing. As such, FOCL has no contract with you for the supply of the relevant services and will not under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by any act or default of the LTP or their sub-contractors, employees or agents. 
2. Your contract will be subject to the terms and conditions of the LTP (if any). Such terms may include a requirement to waive your rights in respect of any injury or other loss suffered during the course of the Shore Tour. Please consider this carefully before agreeing to take part in the Shore Tour. 
3. All prices advertised for Shore Tours supplied by the LTP are based on operating costs, tariffs and rates of exchange at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. 
4. Please also refer to clause 20 of the FOCL Passenger Terms and Conditions.

How to Book

5. To see the best of each destination we recommend pre-booking your Shore Tours via the “Manage My Cruises” section of our website We regret that we are unable to pre-book or alter shore tours within five working days prior to departure. Once on board our vessels please see the daily times, Destination Manager or Cruise Services Manager to assist with booking, altering or cancelling Shore Tours.

Cancellations and refunds 

6. FOCL is constrained by the terms and conditions imposed by its principal LTPs in terms of the refunds it is able to give passengers upon cancellation of a Shore Tour. With the exception of those Shore Tours where special cancellation terms expressly apply, please note that the following will typically apply in relation to cancellations and refunds: 

        1. Where a Shore Tour is cancelled by an LTP (and no other circumstance applies from the list below), the cost of the Shore Tour will be refunded in full. All Shore Tours are subject to a minimum and maximum number of passengers, to be determined by the LTP. 
        2. Where you book a Shore Tour or Shore Tour Package (as defined below) prior to the departure of your cruise, you may cancel either up until 5 days before departure of the cruise and you will be issued with a full refund. 
        3. If you wish to cancel your Shore Tour later than 5 days before the departure of your cruise, or where you have booked your Shore Tour on board, and before the final on-board booking deadline for the Shore Tour in question, you must do so on board the vessel and FOCL will be entitled to retain a 10% non-refundable deposit as a contribution towards cancellation costs. 
        4. No refund will be available for Shore Tours cancelled after the expiry of the online booking deadline or for Shore Tour Packages cancelled within 5 days of departure or on board. 
        5. A full refund will be given for Shore Tours where the passenger cancels their FOCL cruise booking prior to departure. 
        6. Any refunds for shore tours altered on board the cruise vessel will be refunded via your on board account.
        7. All Overland Tours, specialist tours and event tickets involving flights and/or other transport and/or accommodation and/or tickets, are subject to cancellation fees imposed upon us by the LTPs and/or Transport Providers – should you wish to cancel, please contact us for details of the charges. 
        8. Should the conduct of one or more passengers result in the loss of enjoyment of a Shore Tour by others, the LTP may ask those concerned to leave the group. In these circumstances, a refund will not be made. This may also cause FOCL to recommend other LTPs exclude you from future Shore Tours. 
        9. Flora and fauna can be unpredictable and dependent upon the season, therefore the LTPs are unable to guarantee sightings, or refund tickets should a sighting not occur. 

7. The itinerary and/or duration time of any Shore Tour may be modified at the discretion of the LTP, who may also decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any party at any time. You should check the daily times available on board in advance of your Shore Tour. No refund or adjustment to the price paid will be available in the event of a change to the time, duration or itinerary of any Shore Tour. 

8. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the Shore Tour programme, no responsibility can be accepted by FOCL for omissions or errors. 

Please also note the following important points relating to Shore Tours: 

9. The Destination Manager will be available on board at specified times to provide further information you might have regarding a Shore Tour. Please check the on board daily times for details of their availability as well as Shore Tour booking deadlines. More information about ports of call and Shore Tours will be given in the port talks on board. 

10. Mobility: Passengers with impaired mobility or other physical ability should discuss their needs with FOCL before booking any Shore Tour. Shore Tours may involve a considerable amount of walking and/or involve access by restricted means. Please note that it will often regrettably be the case that, unless able to board and alight a vehicle unassisted, or manage the walking involved in a Shore Tour, it will not be possible for passengers to participate in the organised Shore Tours.

11. Prices: The prices advertised include the Shore Tour as described, meals and drinks where indicated, entrance fees and guides; gratuities are at your own discretion. Children and youths under the age of 16 years may take part in Shore Tours but will usually be charged at adult price. They must be accompanied on the Shore Tour by an adult. Please note that on some Shore Tours it may be possible to remain in town after the Shore Tour has concluded; any passengers choosing to do this are responsible for making their own travel arrangements back to the vessel (this includes any additional expenses occurred). 

12. Shore Tour Packages: For selected cruises, the LTPs have grouped together Shore Tours into a single package (“Shore Tour Package”), in order to give you the best experience in the destinations and better value for money. Before booking a Shore Tour Package, you should check the Shore Tours included are suitable for your mobility. Shore Tour Packages are pre-arranged by the LTP so individual Shore Tours cannot be swapped in or out, or refunded, however additional Shore Tours can be added to your booking if required, at full price. 

13. Attire: Please remember that other countries and cultures may have certain expectations in terms of dress and behaviour to what we are used to in the UK. For example, passengers wearing shorts or sleeveless tops may not be admitted when visiting places of worship. It is advisable not to walk around town in swimwear. Wear comfortable shoes such as trainers. If a Shore Tour includes an opportunity to swim, we recommend that you come already dressed in your swimming costume, under your clothes. Don’t forget a towel! 

14. Transport: 

        1. LTPs endeavour to use the best quality transport available, although standards of transport vary considerably around the world. Air-conditioned vehicles are not always available. Sometimes, local custom dictates the use of certain modes of transport over others (e.g. local taxis over minibus bookings). 
        2. Please bear in mind that the price of transport will often include the cost of a driver with appropriate training and language skills, and a tour guide and as such may be higher than other available transport options. 
        3. Please also note that, occasionally, Shore Tour transport such as boats and trains may not be exclusive to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines passengers. 

15. Toilet facilities:Bathroom stops, where possible, are incorporated into the Shore Tour itineraries, and the best available facilities are used. However, please note that not all transportation may have provision for a toilet. In some countries it is usual to make a nominal charge for the use of toilets.

16. Dietary requirements:  If you are taking a full-day Shore Tour that includes lunch, and you have special dietary requirements, please inform staff at the time of booking. Our LTP will do their best to accommodate your needs, taking into consideration any restrictions of the country and/or culture visited. Meals may be presented as a buffet or as a set 2- or 3-course (unless a boxed lunch is specified). 

17. Weather: We advise you to be prepared for any eventuality. Some Shore Tours may be subject to late cancellation due to local weather conditions. 

18. Shopping: Shopping opportunities will depend on time available in an itinerary and the availability of outlets at any destination, which may be affected by the time and day of the week. Be aware of exchange rates and beware of unscrupulous vendors seeking to take advantage of foreign tourists with the price and quality of their merchandise. Keep a small amount of cash on your person. Be aware of customs regulations that might prohibit the import or export of certain goods. 

19. Photography: In some venues, the use of cameras, flash photography or video cameras is prohibited, or a charge may be levied. Where known, this is highlighted in the Shore Tour description. 

20. Insurance: Please ensure that your personal holiday insurance policies will cover you to participate in any of the Shore Tours you may wish to take (including activity Shore Tours). 

21. Your safety: When visiting many ports and cities around the world, we encourage you to take some precautions when leaving the vessel for organised or independent tours. For example: 

        1. If you are on an organised Shore Tour, which includes free time, please ensure you know the agreed meeting point and time.
        2. Do not walk alone on streets, particularly at night.
        3. Walk only in well-lit areas and avoid obscure alleys.
        4. Do not invite attention by wearing exposed jewellery or watches.
        5. When taking taxis, use only those that are clearly marked as taxis.
        6. Keep your valuables, including travel documents, safely stored on board the vessel.
        7. Check, when getting on and off any form of transport, that you have all your personal belongings with you. Never leave your belongings unattended.
        8. Don’t accept packages from strangers.
        9. Be careful when eating and drinking ashore.
        10. Avoid off-the-beaten-track locations if exploring independently (such as deserted beaches).

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or queries.