Fleet in Funchal

Tug of war as part of fleet celebrations

On Thursday 9th November 2023, all three ships in the Fred. Olsen fleet sailed into Portugal's Madeira and docked together as part of our historic 'Fleet in Funchal' event. 

The day promised to be packed full of Fred. Olsen celebrations with entertainment on the quayside and crew competitions, and it did not disappoint! A vibrant carnival atmosphere was created both on board the ships and ashore, with our Show Companies putting on a singing and dancing extravaganza; our Entertainment Managers singing a medley of popular songs; the Battle of the Bartenders and of course the famous tug-of-war competition between the ships crews. 

Guests also had the opportunity to step aboard and explore our other ships, and meeting up and celebrating with crew and fellow travellers. Of course our guests got to induldge in our specially crafted celebration evening dinner menu.

Then, the day ended perfectly as Bolette, Borealis and Balmoral all sailed out of Funchal together, to the backdrop of a fantastic fireworks show on the island. It was a day we won't forget, so take a look at some of our high points!

Crew tug of war
Battle of the Bartenders
Crew tug of war
Captains at the fleet in funchal
3 ships in funchal
Entertainment managers at the fleet in funchal
2 ships in Funchal
Gallery team at the Fleet in Funchal
Spa team at the Fleet in funchal
Crew waving at the Fleet in funchal
Crew waving at the Fleet in funchal
Entertainment show team at the fleet in funchal
Kirsten Osbourne at the fleet in funchal