Environmental Policy

Balmoral in Trondheim, Norway at night

At Fred. Olsen we are committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment around us. With our ships sailing to the four corners of the earth, we want to minimise the impact we make on all the beautiful places we visit and ensure that they are protected for future generations. As a company, we are committed to complying with all relevant environmental requirements and strive to exceed them whenever possible.

The use of single-use plastics on board has been stopped wherever possible, including the banning of plastic straws, cocktail sticks, stirrers, cutlery and take away coffee cups. In addition, our officers and crew always consider how they can reduce the use of plastic further. Everyone plays their part in helping us to continually improve.

All waste is collected, sorted and discharged by ships staff following strict environmental regulatory requirements. This waste is subsequently landed ashore to approved recycling and receiving operators. The only waste that is discharged at sea is commuted food waste and wastewater.

Our Energy Efficiency Plan is regularly reviewed to proactively reduce energy demand, whether that be through the use of LED lights and tinted windows, ship efficiency maintenance or crew training. Meanwhile, our Waste Minimisation Programme encourages reuse and recycling of items wherever possible, and through the donation of useful items (such as uniforms and furniture) to good causes.

This same approach follows through to our Ipswich Office too, where rooftop solar panels generate power for the office, recycling of paper and plastics, and green initiatives are all in place. On board and ashore Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is committed to protecting the environment today and forever, so we can continue to bring this beautiful world closer.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is fully committed to the protection and preservation of the environment, in particular the marine environment. We comply with this commitment by meeting or exceeding all international requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), flag state and other regional and local regulations to protect the environment. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines also complies fully with IMO MARPOL Annex V regulations prohibiting the disposal of all plastic materials at sea. 

Plastics are one of the major concerns regarding the pollution of the oceans and the threat to life in the oceans. Plastics are durable and many are recyclable, so instead of simply discarding them, we need to all be part of a global effort to ensure that they are reclaimed, reprocessed and reused whenever and wherever possible. 

This is why we regularly train our onboard crews to ensure they're always aware of the latest rules and regulations regarding the disposal of plastic materials, the proper use of systems and equipment for handling plastics and other potential pollutants, and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' policies and procedures for the protection of the environment. We also instruct our crews and guests to never throw anything overboard. 

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to reduce the use of plastics on board our ships and in our offices, we have:

  • Banned the use of single-use plastics where possible
  • Replaced plastic items with non-plastic items when possible
  • Avoided using or selling products containing microbeads
  • Worked closely with suppliers to reduce use of plastics for packaging
  • Implemented a process of segregating plastic from other garbage, in particular from food waste