What time is my check-in?

Bolette docked in Dover

In order to ensure we are able to operate a safe, smooth and timely embarkation for all guests joining their cruise ship, check in times are staggered across a four hour period. Check in times are set by the deck and location of your cabin. For those who are Diamond Elite or Suite Dreams guests, we offer a priority check-in facility at our cruise departure ports. Just call our friendly Oceans team to learn more on 01473 746160.

We kindly request you arrive as close as possible to your allocated check in time to avoid congestion in the cruise terminal. If you find you will be arriving earlier than your allocated time, we ask that you take a break for a drink or snack en-route, before heading to the cruise terminal. For fly-cruise holidays, please refer to your flight tickets for details of your check-in time at the airport.

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Arriving at the port

On arrival at the port you will be directed to the luggage drop-off area where porters will be on hand to take your luggage from you. We kindly request that all luggage is labelled and that you carry dress and suit carriers as hand luggage, as these may get damaged when passing through the security scanners. Once the porters have taken your luggage, it will next appear in your cabin.

At check-in you will need to produce both your ticket and passport, so please ensure you have both close at hand. Once checked in, you will be issued with your ship’s pass and you can relax in the cruise terminal lounge until called to board.