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Pillau fortress from a bird's-eye view, Baltiysk, Russia
Pillau fortress from a bird's-eye view, Baltiysk, Russia

Formerly controlled by Germany and known as Konigsberg, Kaliningrad was largely destroyed by British bombing raids in World War Two and subsequently taken by the Soviet Union. Today, this historic Russian delight is a popular tourist destination, but can be tricky to visit due to Visa restrictions. Joining a tour to Kaliningrad during your call to Baltiysk is a great way to enjoy this interesting, attraction-packed city.

With its pretty parks, charming neighbourhoods and fantastic architecture, Kaliningrad is a joy to explore. Highlights to discover include the imposing Konigsberg Cathedral, which is home to one of the largest organs in Europe; historic fortifications such as Brandenberg Gate; the Bunker Museum; and one of Russia’s oldest and largest zoos. The Museum of the World Ocean is not-to-be-missed, boasting an incredible collection of displays and exhibits including a submarine, fishing boat, two scientific-research vessels and an icebreaker vessel. 

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