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Statue overlooking the sea, Acajutla, El-Salvador
Statue overlooking the sea, Acajutla, El-Salvador
Santa Ana Volcano, Acajutla

The Pacific city of Acajutla was claimed by Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century, and subsequently flourished into a major colonial seaport.

As El Salvador’s principle exit route for the country’s exports of coffee, sugar and balsam, Acajutla, was originally a Mayan village and its ruins near the present-date port represent a real insight into Mayan culture.[ReadMoreMob]

Los Cabanos beach, near to the port, is a long stretch of white sands, blue waves and abundant reefs – it is a mecca for diving. Izalco Volcano, which erupted almost continuously from its birth in 1770 to 1958 earning it the nickname of Lighthouse of the Pacific, is a local highlight. Its last eruption was in 1966 and visitors today climb to the summit to view the now-dormant caldera.

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