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Environmental policy

With most of the world’s surface covered by water, it is important that this valuable resource is nurtured and looked after so that it remains healthy for generations to come. Fred. Olsen is committed to following the guidelines and practices set down by global  environmental authorities to help promote this goal to protect our marine environment. Similarly, we acknowledge our responsibilities towards the air that we all breathe. To this end, we aim to operate all our vessels in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  

In addition, Fred. Olsen recognises its obligations and responsibilities to the destinations visited by our vessels, and to this end we work in partnership with ports and local service providers to maintain our environmental standards wherever in the world our vessels are located.

Fred. Olsen maintains compliance with international and national laws and regulations by careful management of our environmental practices.

In support of this philosophy, Fred. Olsen:

  • Monitors its management systems to ensure compliance with international requirements.
  • Institutes environmentally friendly systems in its land based offices and on board its vessels.
  • Meets, if not exceeds, regulatory requirements on marine and air pollution.
  • Implements practices and procedures to reduce the environmental impact of our operation.