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The Fred Olsen Cruise Blog

Best for...

By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines 28th September 2017

Discover an enticing selection of destinations, and their best-known highlights, on this island-hopping adventure.
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Mysterious Easter Island

By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines 27th September 2017

The monoliths of Easter Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, have filled travellers with a sense of intrigue since the arrival of Admiral Jacob Roggeveen.
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An insight into Zanzibar

By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines 20th September 2017

Beyond the stunning coastline, this relatively untouched destination presents a fascinating way of life, a mix of cultural influences and tumultuous past
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Fred. Olsen & the RNLI

By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines 15th September 2017

Fred. Olsen and the RNLI have unveiled a new joint promotional video, highlighting the two organisations’ long-standing relationship.
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