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Introduction to Brønnøysund (Bronnoysund), Norway

This breathtakingly beautiful town is often called ‘The Heart of Norway’. With vast fjords and mountain ranges, large lakes, flowing rivers and amazing waterfalls, Bronnoysund is a town shaped by nature. 

Bronnoysund’s most famous attraction is Torghatten Mountain – one of nature’s most incredible sights. The mountain has a huge hole through the middle of it and is a living example of nature’s erosive power. It is widely believed that weather eroded the mountain, leaving a vast hole that visitors from around the world come to see. There is a pathway that leads up the mountain and through to hole, allowing you to see nature’s work close up and experience incredible views of this stunning part of the world.  

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  • Visit Torghatten – the mountain with a hole through it!
  • Hike  to the hollow and marvel at the view beyond
Price£30.00 - £40.00
DurationApprox. 3 hours
LimitationLimited capacity
Walking level 3 - extensive walkingExtensive walking

Wonder at the scale of the hole through Torghatten, which is 35 metres high and a result of coastal erosion, thousands of years ago.

Commence with a short sightseeing drive around the small, idyllic coastal town of Brønnøysund, situated in the south Helgeland region of Nordland County, almost in the middle of Norway. The region’s beautiful and varied landscape makes it the perfect miniature Norway; to the west a myriad of islands bear the forces of the sea’s foaming waves, and to the east majestic mountains stretch towards the skies, reflected in the clear water of rivers and lakes.

From Brønnøysund you will travel to the mountain Torghatten, with its magnificent hole. Disembark the coach to walk the route to the hole, which is steeply inclined and includes some rocky and stepped terrain. Your trek will be worth it once you reach the hole!

Here you really sense man’s inferiority to nature, when you walk into the 160 metre long, 35 metre high and 20 metre wide hole, amazingly created by the sea’s erosion. Nordic legend has it that this extraordinary hole was created by an arrow from the troll Hestmannen’s bow. From the top of Torghatten there are stunning views of the archipelago below.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: Guests participating in this tour – which involves a large amount of walking over rough and steeply inclined ground – must be in good health. The walk can take up to 30 minutes each way. Appropriate sturdy footwear, ideally hiking boots, should be worn. It would be advisable to bring a bottle of water with you. Please note that, while unlikely, rock slides may occur; geologists regularly inspect for signs of this.


  • Enjoy a catamaran journey to the UNESCO listed archipelago
  • Visit the island of Vega – home to the Eider duck
  • Look out for wildlife in this protected area  
Price£90.00 - £100.00
DurationApprox. 5 hours
LimitationLimited capacity
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Free time includedFree time included

Enjoy a catamaran trip to the Vega Archipelago which offers an exciting insight into Eider ducks and the islands’ tradition of down collection. 

Travel by boat to Nes which is located on the largest island, called Vega. The Vega Archipelago was inscribed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2004. It gained world heritage status mainly due to the unique interaction between Eider ducks and generations of fishermen and farmers who build houses for the ducks to nest in. You go ashore and visit the E-House - a museum and documentation centre about Eider ducks. The museum documents the tradition of keeping Eider ducks as domestic animals, from which the islands’ inhabitants can make a living.

The islands are a wildlife haven and you can experience the landscape of the Eider duck with its exciting, and colourful, man made nesting architecture. As your tour continues across the island you will see vacated fishing and inland villages in the idyllic Vega Archipelago. There are well preserved buildings which, together with the Eider duck, offer an exciting history. 


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: There is walking of approximately 50 metres from the dock to the Museum where there are steps to the second floor. The boat used is a fast going passenger catamaran and there are steps onboard and to disembark. We can not guarantee sightings of any wildlife in its natural environment.


  • Wander through Hildur’s Herbarium – unique in Northern Norway
  • Go back to the 18th century in the grass roofed wooden house
  • A unique opportunity to see a traditional Norwegian family business and home
  • Enjoy a taste of the wine produced from the local grapes
Price£60.00 - £70.00
DurationApprox. 2 hours
LimitationLimited capacity
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking
Refreshments includedRefreshments included
Shopping time includedShopping time included

Take the opportunity to visit Northern Norway’s only herbarium and vineyard, situated on Tilrem Farm, and enjoy a taste of homemade products.

Now run by Hildur’s son and daughter in law, you will step back in time as you enter the 18th century manor. You will be welcomed by them and learn about the history of the home and herbarium. There is antique furniture throughout, a library, local artefacts from the Viking era and copies of farming equipment from the 9th century.

The beautiful garden contains over 200 different kinds of flowers, including roses, and herbs, and also a winter garden. In addition, see Hildur’s collection of cactus and other succulents which is one of the largest in Norway. On the farm there is a duck pond, animals, a shop and a church ruin dating from the 11th century.

Homemade wine, with bread and cheese, will be served in the old part of the manor, where the family still live – a unique opportunity to visit a Norwegian home.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: This tour involves a small amount of walking at the home and the herb garden, there are no steps and the terrain is even. There is an opportunity to purchase local products. A short sightseeing tour of Brønnøysund will be included.


  • Learn about one of Norway’s biggest industries
  • Enjoy a taster of fresh salmon
Price£40.00 - £50.00
DurationApprox. 3 hrs
LimitationLimited capacity
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking
Refreshments includedRefreshments included

Norway is one of the world’s major exporters of fish and seafood due to the very fertile coast and conditions in the sea are well suited to environmentally friendly and responsible aquaculture. Enjoy a visit to the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre and learn about this fast growing industry.  

Commence with a short sightseeing tour of Brønnøysund before crossing the splendid Brønnøysund Bridge and continuing to Toft where you reach the Aquaculture Centre. 

You can get a glimpse of life in the sea, and learn about modern aquaculture, from fish egg to high quality products. The Centre has underwater cameras, and hopefully you will be able to watch the feeding of the fish – the Centre produces cod and salmon. You will also watch an informative film, and enjoy a small tasting of fresh fish. 


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: The Centre is accessible to wheelchair users, however all participants must be able to board the coach unaided. You will split into small groups at the Centre, with some optional walking involved, over gravel and a wooden quay, if you wish to see the fish.


  • Enjoy the coastal scenery as you head to Nevernes Havn
  • Visit the 19th century house, typical of its time
  • See World War II displays relating to Norwegian history
Price£70.00 - £80.00
DurationApprox. 4.5 hrs
LimitationLimited capacity
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Refreshments includedRefreshments included

With its idyllic location overlooking Velfjorden, Nevernes Havn gives insight into the coastal heritage of southern Helgeland from the 16th century to the present day.

Depart from Brønnøysund for the drive to Nevernes Havn. Drive through lovely coastal landscape and along fjords before arriving at Nevernes which is a centre for coastal heritage.

See several buildings including the Brattås House, which dates from around 1850, and has interesting exhibits, including a display of metal and wooden tools. The Art Gallery features permanent and changing exhibitions of artists’ works including glass, ceramics, and textiles as well as paintings.

Nævernes Gaard features an exceptional collection of memorabilia from World War II, with displays ranging from uniforms and personal effects to equipment and small firearms. You will enjoy a guided tour of the Coastal Centre, and also enjoy refreshments.  


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: Walking at the Museum will cover uphill, sandy terrain of approximately 600 metres each way and there are some stairs. There will be a little free time. The coach journey to Nevernes Havn will take approximately 50 minutes each way. Refreshments will be tea or coffee and cake.

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