Folding bicycles on board

Guests will permitted to bring bicycles on board on the basis of the following:
All bicycles must be pre-booked in advance with our Guest Services Department on 0800 0355 145.
All bicycles must be of a fold up or collapsible nature.
The bicycle must be contained with a fully enclosing bag/cover at check-in and remain covered at all times whilst on board.
Any tools relating to the bicycle must be placed within hand luggage for security check purposes.
Guests may not check the bicycle in with their normal luggage but bring it to the check-in desk for identification purposes.
Guests are required to carry the bicycle on and off the vessel themselves incl. at embarkation & disembarkation. 
FO Crew members will not be permitted to handle the bicycle.
Bicycles are not permitted on board tenders.
FO crew members are not permitted to carry out any maintenance on bicycles.
Guests are liable to pay for any damage caused by the bicycle on board such as oil or grease on the carpets, damage to the vessel through carrying the item on board.
Bicycles may not be used whilst on board.
Bicycles must be stored within the guest’s cabin at all times. (please note that storage in cabins is limited, particularly on Board Braemar).
There is no charge to bring the bicycle on board.
We reserve the right to adjust port of call disembarkation times for guests disembarking with bicycles to ensure a smooth flow for disembarkation.
FOCL are not liable for any injuries or accidents sustained by the guest ashore whilst using their bicycle.
On fly cruises, carriage of a bicycle on an aircraft is at the sole discretion of the airline. Charges may be levied by the relevant airline for the carriage of bicycles. 
For independent guests booked on flights that are not part of the Fred. Olsen Cruises package, carriage of bicycles must be arranged directly between the guest and the airline
Bicycles may not replace mobility aids on board.
Guests with bicycles may not book adapted cabins.
Bicycles are not permitted on board European River Cruise vessel Brabant.
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines recommend that the guest takes out suitable insurance to cover the bicycle whilst on holiday. 


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