New 2022 Norwegian Sailings

24th February 2021 | Focus Story
Norway Spring Cruises 2022

Explorations of Norway are something we like to think we do rather well. It's the home of the Olsen family, with our smaller ships able to reach places larger vessels can't – like the awe-inspiring cliffs of Lysefjord.

With first hand knowledge of fascinating folklore and hidden gems, we build in scenic diversions and work with locals to create unforgettable on shore experiences. Langfoss Waterfall, for example, is well worth its 3 hour detour through size-restricted Åkrafjord, while the chance to delve into the folklore surrounding Torghatten is a cruise highlight.

Launching exclusively to Oceans members on 28th January, and on general release from the 29th January, we're launching new cruises which make the most of spring in the region, when the fjords come to life and waterfalls roar with meltwater from the peaks above.

These sailings also benefit from a choice of free drinks or on board spend as part of our cruise sale.

About the cruises

T2205 In Search of the Northern Lights

In Search of the Northern Lights

14 nights ● 24 Mar 2022 ● From Southampton ● Bolette ● T2205

24-Mar-2022 Southampton

26-Mar-2022 Bergen

28-Mar-2022 Cross Arctic Circle

28-Mar-2022 Bodø

29-Mar-2022 Cruising Devils Jaw (Djevelens Tanngard)

30-Mar-2022 Alta (overnight)

31-Mar-2022 Cruising Øksfjorden & Jøkelfjorden

01-Apr-2022 Tromsø (overnight)

02-Apr-2022 Tromsø 

04-Apr-2022 Ålesund

07-Apr-2022 Southampton

From £1,899pp

Plus free drinks OR £280pp on board spend

  • Seek out the remarkable Aurora Borealis as you explore Norway. 
  • Alta is one of the best spots to see the Northern Lights, and an overnight stay here maximises your chances of seeing nature’s greatest show.
  • Tromsø is the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, with two days spent here to take it all in at leisure. The iconic Arctic Cathedral is a top attraction, and a cable car ride up Mount Storsteinen makes for an unmissable view of the city, night or day. 
  • There are historic centres aplenty on this voyage, from unique Ålesund’s art-nouveau architecture to the traditional fish markets and colourful Bryggen Wharf found in Bergen.
  • Smaller ship Bolette takes in beautiful, rarely sailed routes into Oksfjord and Jokelfjord.
  • Highlight tour opportunities include thrilling husky rides from Bodø and explorations of Sami heritage and lifestyles at Alta.
L2208 Springtime Norwegian Fjords

Springtime Norwegian Fjords

7 nights ● 6 Apr 2022 ● From Newcastle ● Balmoral ● L2208

06-Apr-2022 Newcastle

07-Apr-2022 Cruising Lysefjord

08-Apr-2022 Cruising Maurangerfjord & Hardangerfjord

08-Apr-2022 Eidfjord

09-Apr-2022 Bergen

10-Apr-2022 Olden

10-Apr-2022 Cruising Nordfjord & Innvikfjorden

10-Apr-2022 Cruising by Hornelen

11-Apr-2022 Åndalsnes

13-Apr-2022 Newcastle

Itinerary above can be subject to change

From £999pp

Plus free drinks or £140pp on board spend

  • This seven-night adventure uncovers the highlights of Norway’s fjords.
  • Take in the steep canyons of Lysefjord, Maurangerfjord’s green peaks, and the rolling valleys of Hardangerfjord’s verdant, rolling valleys. 
  • A cruise highlight is sailing past North Europe’s tallest sea cliff Hornelen
  • There are views aplenty in your destinations, too; at Andalsnes, take the Rauma Railway to see the mountainous landscape of Romsdalfjord. In Bergen, the famous Fløibanen funicular takes you to a viewing point over the whole city and waterscape, while below you’ll find the colourful Bryggen Wharf.
  • Highlight tour opportunities include kayaking Hardangerfjord from Eidfjord or visiting the Briksdal Glacier from Olden.
T2206 Springtime Norwegian Fjords

Springtime Norwegian Fjords

7 nights ● 7 Apr 2022 ● From Southampton ● Bolette ● T2206

07-Apr-2022          Southampton

09-Apr-2022          Cruising Lysefjord

10-Apr-2022          Olden

10-Apr-2022          Cruising Nordfjord & Innvikfjorden

10-Apr-2022          Cruising by Hornelen, Nordfjord

11-Apr-2022          Flåm

11-Apr-2022          Cruising Sognefjord

12-Apr-2022          Bergen

14-Apr-2022          Southampton

from £999pp

Plus free drinks or £140pp on board spend

  • Natural wonders, scenic vistas and Norwegian culture await. 
  • Size-restricted Lysefjord is a breathtaking diversion for smaller ship Bolette, with its steep mountain faces 
  • Nordfjord is home to the sky-piercing Hornelen – North Europe’s tallest sea cliff.
  • A tour to Briksdal Glacier from Olden uncovers the huge, creaking ice structure, and nearby Lovatnet Lake is a slice of pure tranquility.
  • The Loen Skylift unlocks a Nordfjord panorama, its colours a striking azure blue
  • A highlight tour has to be exploring Bergen with a local, who will tell the story of its UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, historic fish market and Mount Floyen – from which spectacular views can be taken in.
L2212 Five Night Springtime Fjords

Five Night Springtime Fjords

5 nights ● 27 Apr 2022 ● From Newcastle ● Balmoral ● L2212

27-Apr-2022 Newcastle

28-Apr-2022 Cruising Lysefjord

29-Apr-2022 Bergen

30-Apr-2022 Eidfjord

30-Apr-2022 Cruising Hardangerfjord

30-Apr-2022 Furebergfoss Waterfall & Maurangerfjorden

02-May-2022 Newcastle

Itinerary above can be subject to change

From £749pp

Plus free drinks or up to £100pp on board spend

  • A five-night Bank Holiday taste of Norway with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
  • A benefit of sailing from Newcastle is that guests can delve deep into Fjordland over a shorter itinerary, cruising dramatic Lysefjord within one day of departure
  • Picturesque Bergen boasts attractions such as UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf and Fløibanen, a funicular railway which takes you to a superb viewpoint over the coastal city.
  • In Eidfjord, you’ll find a taste of fjordland village life. You could even explore Hardangerfjord by kayak, or take a tour to the mighty Vøringsfossen waterfall.
  • Sailing Hardangerfjord, there's a diversion into Maurangerfjord to see the Furebergfossen Waterfall close-up.
T2210 Springtime Norwegian Fjords

Springtime Norwegian Fjords

7 nights ● 15 May 2022 ● From Southampton ● Bolette ● T2210

15-May-2022 Southampton

17-May-2022 Cruising Lysefjord

17-May-2022 Cruising Jøsenfjord

18-May-2022 Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord

18-May-2022 Cruising Hardangerfjord

18-May-2022 Cruising Maurangerfjord & Furebergfossen

19-May-2022 Olden

19-May-2022 Cruising Nordfjord & Innvikfjorden

19-May-2022 Cruising by Hornelen

20-May-2022 Haugesund

22-May-2022 Southampton

From £999pp

Plus free drinks or £140pp on board spend

  • Explore the Norwegian fjordland in the spring and discover the seasonal highlights of some of the region’s most scenic waterways and wonders. 
  • In spring, the melting ice means that Norway’s waterfalls are at their most powerful. Smaller ship Bolette sails through Maurangerfjord, to see the roaring Furebergfoss. From Eidfjord, meanwhile, you can visit one of Norway’s most spectacular falls, Vøringsfossen.
  • The cruise is full of imposing landmarks to enjoy from on board - camera in hand, of course - including Hornelen, North Europe’s tallest sea cliff, as well as postcard perfect Nordfjord and Hardangerfjord.
  • The Briksdal Glacier can be reached from Olden, and the creaks of the slowly shifting ice mass fill the air.
  • Highlight tour opportunities include kayaking Hardangerfjord from Eidfjord and exploring Bergen with a local.

Springtime Norwegian Fjords

9 nights ● 25 May 2022 ● From Liverpool ● Borealis ● S2213

25-May-22 Liverpool
26-May-22 Belfast
27-May-22 - cruising -
28-May-22 Olden
28-May-22 Cruising Nordfjord & Eidsfjorden
28-May-22 Cruising by Hornelen, Nordfjord
29-May-22 Flåm
29-May-22 Cruising Nærøyfjord to Dyrdal
29-May-22 Cruising Sognefjord
30-May-22 Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord
30-May-22 Cruising Hardangerfjord
30-May-22 Cruising Maurangerfjord & Furebergfoss
31-May-22 Bergen
01-Jun-22 Lerwick, Shetland Islands
02-Jun-22 - cruising -
03-Jun-22 Liverpool

From £1,299pp

Springtime Norwegian Fjords

7 nights ● 26 May 2022 ● From Rosyth ● Braemar ● M2215

26-May-2022     Rosyth (Edinburgh), Scotland
27-May-2022     Cruising Lysefjord
28-May-2022     Cruising Karmsund
28-May-2022     Haugesund
28-May-2022     Cruising Åkrafjord & Langfoss waterfall
29-May-2022     Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord
29-May-2022     Cruising Hardangerfjord
29-May-2022     Cruising Maurangerfjord & Furebergfoss
30-May-2022     Olden, Nordfjord
30-May-2022     Cruising Nordfjord & Innvikfjorden
30-May-2022     Cruising by Hornelen, Nordfjord
31-May-2022     Ålesund
31-May-2022     Cruising Hjørundfjord
01-Jun-2022      - cruising -
02-Jun-2022      Rosyth (Edinburgh), Scotland

From £999pp

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