Rivers of France & Spain

Rouen Panorama; Normandy, France

For a relaxing, restful and rewarding cruise experience, Fred. Olsen's journeys along the picturesque rivers of France and Spain are the perfect escapes. You can reap the rewards of our smaller ships, as we sail waterways that larger ships can't, such as the Loire, Guadalquivir and Seine rivers. Very little compares to the peace and tranquility enjoyed during glides along narrow, winding waterways flanked by scenes of beautiful countryside, rolling hills and valleys, and charming riverside villages and communes. 

Along the way, cities bursting with culture and history await. We'll take you straight to destinations including Rouen and Seville, where you can simply step off the gangway and begin your exploration ashore. When you do, you'll find there are architectural, historical and cultural highlights aplenty to discover; opportunities to sample authentic local flavours; learn about each city's customs and traditions; and much more. For an altogether enriching experience. 

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