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St Gheorghe

Orthodox Cathedral Saint George in Downtown Tecuci
Orthodox Cathedral Saint George in Downtown Tecuci

Hidden away deep within the breathtaking Danube Delta, where the Danube River empties into the Black Sea on Romania’s east coast, the fishing village of St Gheorghe – not to be confused with the Transylvanian city of the same name – is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Situated at the end of the winding Sfântu Gheorghe branch of the Danube, St Gheorghe is surrounded by simply spectacular wetland landscapes that must be seen to be believed, and for many visitors is the starting point for unforgettable tours taking in the many wonders of the Danube Delta. The chance to ride a small boat into the heart of the UNESCO-listed Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and explore the marshlands in search of gorgeous flora and wonderful wildlife – including pelicans and hundreds of other bird species – is an experience that’s not-to-be-missed. Alternatively, you could take a short, 30-minute walk to the coast to discover St Gheorghe’s beautifully unspoilt, eerily quiet golden sand beach.