View from Danube on Regensburg Cathedral and Stone Bridge
View from Danube on Regensburg Cathedral and Stone Bridge

Nicknamed ‘Germany’s medieval miracle’, resplendent Regensburg is considered amongst the finest medieval cities in Europe. Originally settled by the Romans in 179AD under the control of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Regensburg was the first capital of Bavaria and a Free Imperial City for around 600 years. Today it is simply one of Germany’s oldest and finest cities.

The locals here are rightly proud of their hometown’s remarkable 2000-year-old history and it shows. Incredibly well-preserved, this stunning city – situated in a scenic setting at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen – is an unmolested maze of historic streets, squares, landmarks and monuments, which are sure to delight and enchant from the moment you arrive here. Approximately 1500 listed buildings are packed into the historic heart of Regensburg, 984 of which are within the UNESCO-listed Stadtamhof Old Town. The 12th century Stone Bridge across the Danube; striking German-Gothic cathedral; Collegiate Church of St John; castle-like Patrician ‘Heuport’ house; and historic Adler pharmacy are among the most significant. You’ll even uncover the world’s oldest sausage house within Stadtamhof too.

Otherwise it’s worth taking a walk along the bank of the Danube to enjoy the scenery and encounter the Roland Fountain at Fischmarkt Square; while elsewhere in the city you could choose to see St Ulrich’s Church and the Patrician Towers, or take your pick of over 20 fantastic museums.

Don’t for a moment think that historic Regensburg is stuck asleep in a time warp though. Despite its medieval appearance, the city’s atmosphere is energetic and youthful with modern cultural delights such as theatre, dance and art on show; while many of the oldest buildings in the city centre are thriving once again as hosts to trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Lovers of locally-crafted beer and wine will delight in the knowledge that Regensburg boasts the largest number of pubs and bars than any other German city too.