Novi Sad

Petrovaradin Fortress and Danube River
Petrovaradin Fortress and Danube River

Although Novi Sad is arguably not as well-known as Belgrade, there is plenty to suggest that Serbia’s second city in fact has much more to offer than its capital. Energetic, creative and multi-cultural, Novi Sad is an expression of modern Serbia, with its bustling pedestrianised thoroughfares and squares, trendy bars and cafés, thriving music scene and interesting museums and galleries. Throw the city’s abundance of historic landmarks into the mix too and it’s easy to understand why Novi Sad is to become the first ever non-EU European Capital of Culture in 2021.

While Novi Sad really comes to life in July, when the annual EXIT Festival – one of the biggest and best music festivals in Europe – attracts thousands of revellers, this stunning city is a delight to explore at any time of the year. Visiting Novi Sad on a river cruise is a particularly rewarding experience, offering you the chance to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Danube River as you sail into the city, then take advantage of the chance to simply step ashore and discover the very best attractions.

There are numerous cultural and historical highlights to uncover in Novi Sad, many of which are within walking distance of each other. The pedestrianised thoroughfare of Zmaj Jovina, which stretches from the town square to Dunavska Street, is the gateway to many of the city’s most popular sights. The architectural delights of Trg Slobode (the town square), including the neo-renaissance style Town Hall and the impressive neo-gothic Church of Mary’s Name; the magnificent façade of Hotel Vojvodina, situated in the charming Old Town district; the ornate Bauhaus-style Tanurdžić Palace; and the Bishop’s House are not to be missed.

Petrovaradin Fortress is without doubt Novi Sad’s most iconic site. Situated on the right bank of the river, the Petrovaradin is famous for its ‘reversed’ clock tower that helps fishermen tell the time from afar. It’s also home to the Novi Sad City Museum and the venue for the aforementioned EXIT festival.