Vineyard on the bank of river Rhine in Nierstein, Germany.
Vineyard on the bank of river Rhine in Nierstein, Germany.

Located on one of the most picturesque stretches of the Rhine River, Nierstein is an important winegrowing town within the Reinhessen region. Along its cobbled streets, wineries stand door-to-door, with hidden courtyards turned into wine taverns at the weekends.

Stroll along the banks of the Rhine, or explore the medieval marketplace and the magnificent baroque houses. The paleontological museum is not to be missed, and is home to many fine examples of insect, amphibians and reptiles, compiled by father and son palaeontologists, Arnulf and Harald Stapf.

Above the town stands the watchtower, the highest viewpoint in the vineyards, and the view from the ‘Red Slope’ towards Saint Martin’s Church is sublime, particularly on an autumnal day. Niersteiner Glöck, the oldest named vineyard in Germany is surrounded by a solid wall, and is well known for its historical significance and for producing the amber nectar made synonymous with the area.

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