Linz, Germany
Linz, Germany

Known as ‘The Colourful Town on the Rhine’, Linz am Rhein is chock-full of vibrant half-timbered houses and is located on the right bank of the River Rhine close to Remagen, another delightful port of call for Brabant’s river cruises.

The town has two medieval castles which are well worth visiting, Burg Linz is found right in the centre and is a hugely photogenic building, dating back to the 14th century, housing a museum in the dungeon, and a Roman glass works. Ockenfels Castle was completely destroyed in The Thirty Years’ War, but was painstakingly rebuilt in the 1920’s and is now the headquarters of a shoe company.

The historical town is well-known for its festivals such at the Rhine in Flames, a Wine Festival celebrating the renowned wines of the area, and of course the Christmas Markets which are unsurpassed.

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