Cruising the Iron Gates

Decebalus Rex Dragon Fecit statue on the Danube River in Romania

Marvel at simply breathtaking fjord-like landscapes and some of the most dramatic natural wonders seen anywhere in Europe on a momentous cruise through the incredible Iron Gates gorge.

This remarkable section of the Danube River forms part of the border between Serbia and Romania and divides the magnificent Carpathian and Balkan Mountains. The awe-inspiring scenery here has to be seen to be believed and, as your smaller-sized river boat can navigate the locks and dams of this often narrow waterway with ease, you’ll experience the very best of the Iron Gates.

As well as stunning natural landmarks you’ll also encounter a few man-made marvels as you glide along the Danube here, including the iconic Rock Sculpture of Decebalus at the Great Kazan gorge and a number of historic churches, castles and fortifications such as Severin Castle and Golubac Fortress.  

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