Cruising the Danube Bend

The Danube bend viewed from Visegrad Castle in Hungary
The Danube bend viewed from Visegrad Castle in Hungary

For simply spectacular scenic beauty, not many places in Europe can match the Danube Bend. This stunning region – situated just north of Budapest – is widely regarded as the most beautiful stretch of the River Danube, so it’s no wonder that its Hungary’s most visited tourist attraction.

As you sail the sharp twists and turns aboard your river boat – the best way to experience the Danube Bend in all its scenic splendour – you’ll take in gorgeous countryside scenery, see picturesque peaks and pass by several fascinating historic towns dotted along both banks of the river. Particular highlights to look out for are at the towns of Szentendre, Visegrád – Hungary’s 15th century ‘Camelot’, featuring an impressive hilltop fortress – and sleepy Esztergom, home to the largest cathedral in the Hungary. 

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