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Cruising Across Ijsselmeer

Coast Hoorn in the Netherlands Ijsselmeer
Coast Hoorn in the Netherlands Ijsselmeer

Between stops at the iconic Dutch capital of Amsterdam and the historic city of Hoorn, experience a cruise across the shallow waters of the Ijsselmeer – the largest lake in the Netherlands and Western Europe.

This 1328 square-mile artificial lake was created in 1932, when the impressive 32 Kilometre-long Afsluitdijk dam was built to close off the southern part of the former Zuiderzee bay from the Waddenzee and North Sea. A freshwater lake, the Ijsselmeer is fed by several rivers including the Amstel, Rhine and Ijssel – which the lake is named after – and is popular for fishing and various watersports. Look out for the typically Dutch flat landscapes which surround the lake as you sail across.