Marksburg nearby Braubach, Germany
Marksburg nearby Braubach, Germany

Beautiful Braubach may be small, but there’s simply no ignoring this idyllic medieval town as you sail along the River Rhine through the heart of the Rhineland. Situated on the Rhine’s west bank, just a short distance south from Koblenz, Braubach captures your attention with its rolling forested hills, picturesque vineyards and fragrant rose gardens; while the sight of the magnificent Marksburg Castle is sure to tempt you ashore to explore.

The compact centre of Braubach oozes with charm and medieval character. The narrow streets here are packed with pretty half-timbered houses and are easily explored in a couple of hours on foot. As you wander around you’ll encounter a few of interesting historic sites, including the 13th century Barbarakirche church, the 11th century Martinskapelle chapel – the resting place of chamber singer Heinrich Schlusnus, one of Braubach’s most famous natives – and remains of the old medieval walls.

No time spent here is complete without visiting Braubach’s most iconic landmark, the Marksburg. The castle has watched over the city from atop a towering 160 metre-high hill for over 700 years, and is unique as the only castle on the central Rhine to have never been destroyed. The walk up the hill to the Marksburg takes around half an hour, and it is well worth taking the trip to see the towers, turrets and crenellations up-close; and take in the panoramic views of Braubach’s scenic surroundings.

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